"3x006 - Vaseline"
Season 3, Experiment No. 50
Upload date: February 18, 2008
Experiment Details
Microwave Used: Sandra
Experiment time: 3:00
Experiment Outcome: Good Idea
Host(s): Jory Caron
Camera Guys(s): Jonathan Paula
Editors: Jonathan Paula
Additional Commentary: Ryan Lewis (sidekick)
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: #49: Giant mercury light bulb
Next Episode: #51: Snow globe



  • Jory pronounces "Vaseline" as "Vaz-uh-line."
  • The season 3 masks establish their dual function of stylish hats in this episode.
  • Sandra did not need a "love tap" in this episode to turn on, much to Jory's surprise.


  • Jory: (reading Vaseline label) "Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away." That means it's poisonous, so let's microwave it!
  • Jory: (stirring Vaseline with purple pen) Right now, I'm just whipping it to a, you know, nice perfection.

Jon: It's Cool Whip! Put it on your sundae, you're ready to go!

  • Jon: Aw, you just coated the light bulb in [Vaseline]! You have this thing for coating other experiments in the reigns of other experiments!
  • Jory: So, go and do it with your household Vaseline!

Jon: Don't give out suggestions!