"6x021 - Slinky"
Season 6, Experiment No. 154
Upload date: June 7, 2009
Experiment Details
Microwave Used: Jackie
Experiment time: 37 seconds (2 minutes added later)
Experiment Outcome: Bad Idea
Host(s): Jory Caron
Camera Guys(s): Jonathan Paula
Editors: Jonathan Paula
Additional Commentary: Riley McIlwain (sidekick)
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: #153: Peanut butter
Next Episode: #154: Slot machine


Why watch Slinkies roll down a flight of stairs when you can catch them on fire! The Slinky was expected to be a boring result, but a beautiful light show with blue spiraled shadows proved all wrong. Jory even ran inside to put more time on the microwave, to give everyone a longer look at the spectacle. But while the light show was Slink-a-rific, the end result was a Slink-mistake. It just made Jackie dirtier, and the plastic ring left inside her plateless self caught fire. And we certainly don't need to make dear Jackie suffer. Besides, Slinkies are cool toys, so breaking one is not ideal.

A bored Jory and Riley play with Nick Polard's slinkies to introduce Jackie's next victim.

For 37 seconds, the slinkie sparks to the hope of Jory, Jon and Riley, so Jory decides to add a minute plus(2 minutes), and it pays off in a BIG way.

In the middle of the experiment, the slinkie puts on a "slinkeriffic" light show, and the guys' chagrin turns to surprise.

The extra minutes are up, and Jory opens up to see the plastic ring of Jackie on fire which Jory manages to put out with his glove. Also, her plate has broke.

Jon declares the now more dirtier Jackie a f cking trooper having surviving her victim. We've take off the sticker off the microwave.

The final outcome: Bad Idea.


  • Jory and Riley do the intro and the safety speech/microwave introduction in Jory's season 1 monotone.
  • We learn what sidekicks are truly for- they're always there for you if you get your goggles painfully stuck on your nose.
  • Jackie gets pissed when people misspell her name.
  • Jackie's fortitude is addressed in this episode. Jon calls her a "f*cking trooper."
  • Jory looks at "Guide Behind Door" for 37 seconds, same as episode #142.
  • Jackie take off sticker inside the microwave by Jory or Riley.


  • Jon: That's like a blue beacon of Slinky hope!
  • Jory: Slinky in disguise!
  • Riley: Look at my hands from touching Jackie- she's a dirty girl! Dir-dirty girl!
  • Jon: (sees Riley has written "Jacky: <3" on Jackie's door) Aw, isn't that cute? Wait, we spell it with a "y"?

Jory: I thought it was with an "i"?

Jon: I thought it was with an "ie"! (to Riley) You spelled her name wrong! Haven't you been watching the show for the past 7 weeks?

Jory: (to Riley) Dude, Jackie's gonna be pissed at you!

Riley: You can spell "Jackie" plenty of ways!

Jon: Well, that's not how we spell it on OUR show! (watches Jory fix the spelling) There's an "i" in there, too. There you go- "ie"!