"6x028 - Bottle rocket"
Season 6, Experiment No. 161
Upload date: July 2, 2009
Experiment Details
Microwave Used: Samantha
Experiment time: 17:76
Experiment Outcome: Star-Spangled Bad Idea
Host(s): General Jory Caron
Camera Guys(s): Colonel Jonathan Paula
Editors: Colonel Jonathan Paula
Additional Commentary: Private, First Class Riley McIlwain (sidekick)
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: #160: Ink toner cartridge
Next Episode: #162: Firecrackers

Plot Edit

It's the 4th of July, and what better way to celebrate our country's independence from the British than to set off a bottle rocket inside Samantha? 5-star general Jory Caron instructs his young private, 1st class Riley McIlwain on the proper way to go about doing this task. The bottle rocket did end up going off, and Samantha was filled with brilliant colors. Joy was brought to the laboratory as freedom rung through the air with success, making up for the tragedy that befell Helga the previous Independence Day.


  • Jory's now-famous "It smells like victory" line was added to the title sequence in season 7.
  • Jory only falls out of character three times, only one of which was noted.
  • Jon was not given a military ranking, but he adopted Jory's general voice, so he clearly was somebody higher up than Riley in the ranks. However, he addressed Jory as "sir", so he must have been below Jory in the ranks. We'll just say he was a colonel, for sh*ts and giggles.
  • The USA/Olympics jacket Riley wears in this episode was also worn by Jory in episode #77, fireworks. The jacket belongs to Jon's father.
  • In this episode it's revealed Jory drinks lots of energy drinks to keep his energy up while filming.
  • This episode was somewhat flagged.


  • Jory: (to Riley) Your voice cracked, you maggot, you piece of sh*t maggot!
  • Jory: He has an arm! The country is proud of him!
  • Jory: I wonder how long we should put it in there for?

Riley: 17:77, sir!

Jory: 17:76! You dumbf*ck!

Riley: I said one year for good luck!

Jon: You're bullsh*ttin' me, sir!

  • Jory: I love the smell of napalm in the morning! It smells like victory!
  • Jon: Are you Kermit the Frog on crack right now?
  • Jory: We will go through our enemy like sh*t through a goose!
  • Riley laughs hysterically*

Jory: Have you ever seen Patton?

Jon: (also laughing hysterically) It's a Patton line!