• YourLocalArtist

    I decided to make a hunger games sim with most of the IIAGITMT? microwaves in it

    note: I couldn't fit all the microwaves it in

    The Bloodbath

    Whoopi attacks Zelda, but Helga protects her, killing Whoopi. Cinnamon shoots a poisonous blow dart into Melissa's neck, slowly killing her.

    Day 1 Jasmine attempts to climb a tree, but falls to her death.

    Night 1 No deaths occurred.

    Day 2 Summer accidently detonates a land mine while trying to arm it. Zelda kills Unnamed for her supplies.

    Night 2 Cinnamon kills Helga as she tries to run. Erin forces Tracy to kill St. Margeret II or Gladys. She decides to kill St. Margeret II.

    Day 3 No deaths occurred.

    Night 3 Vanessa, Cinnamon, and Sarah get into a fight. Sarah triumphantly kills them both.

    Day 4 Penny dies fro…

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  • Smoshisreal

    Can some one tell me what is ideoProductions

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  • ThomasandMollyfan23

    I was trying to undo spam on the List of Microwaves, yet they wouldn't let me! This is so not right, and this is a big mistake! Unblock spam filter now, and let us block spammers!

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  • ThomasandMollyfan23

    Hey guys. I'm feeling a little ticked off right now.

    There's a spammer on the loose making verdicts like the rubber ducks, duct tape, Old Spice body wash, Pop-Tarts and Twlight figurines bad ideas, when in reality, Jon, Jory and Riley declared them good ideas! I think we need rules around here and the wiki should only be edited by registered users.

    Hey, spammers! *uck off! You're vandalizing the wiki!

    Please try and understand the pressure I'm under right now!

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  • AnthonyG


    October 30, 2010 by AnthonyG

    Why does a wiki need a blog?! They are like two totally different kinds of sites!

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  • Redhotpizza3

    List of things microwaved: 1. Light Bulb 2. Tin Foil 3. Pop Tart 4. Popcorn 5. Soy Sauce 6. Kool Aid 7. Ketchup Packet 8. VHS Tape 9. Toothpaste 10. Christmas Lights 11. Match 12. Liquid Soup 13. Condom 14. Twizzler 15. Marshmellow Peeps 16. Compact Disc 17. Rice Krispies 18. Moist Towelette 19. Light Blub, Soy Sauce, & Toothpaste 20. Egg 21. Ink Cartridge 22. Apple 23. Cell Phone 24. Watermelon 25. Flashlight 26. Roasted Nuts 27. Bag Of Chips 28. Hard drive 29. Banana 30. Bar Of Soap 31. Steel Wool 32. Glow Sticks 33. Bubble Solution 34. Tomato 35. Crayons 36. Grapes 37. Deodorant 38. Soda Can 39. Bubble Wrap 40. Ketchup Bottle 41. Charcoal 42. Lighter 43. Axe Body Spray 44. Dynamite 45. Eggs, Soap, & A Lighter 46. Furby 47. Pens 48. Game…

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