Principally, the microwaves are used until they become unusable. When a microwave is broken, the guys swap her out to exchange her for another one. This is called a funeral. However: sometimes the microwave is not 100% dead, but the guys swap her out anyway, because she is not usable. It's known for Sandra, Helga, Whoopi and Marissa they still had power. Marissa didn't even lost her microwaving ability and Whoopi might became working again if the guys gave her time to cool down.

The current amount of official dead microwaves, is twenty-eight.

These are all the microwaves which died on their career, in order of death.

Picture Name Brand First experiment Last experiment Experiments Notes about death
Sandra Sandra Sharp Carousel #45 - Eggs, soap, lighter #62 - Microwave 18 She lost a fight with Diane, the season 2 microwave. Since it was the first death, the guys went out of context and referred to her as a broken microwave, asking "What are we gonna do now?"
Helga Helga Sharp Carousel #63 - Shaving cream #77 - Fireworks 15 She died on a firework accident. Some of the bees went off, they sparked, and the pyramid went off, killing Helga. It is very unwise to play with fireworks.
5620 136991328091 95793693091 3301273 86040 n Vanessa G.E. Turntable #103 - Jack-o-lantern filled with ping-pong balls #104 - Obama & McCain 2 Vanessa was killed by democracy
5620 136991593091 95793693091 3301314 7147446 n Tracy Sharp Carousel #105 - Inhaler #120 - Digital camera 16 The episode in which she died was hosted by Jonny, making Tracy his first microwave kill.
5620 136991653091 95793693091 3301323 7971782 n Whoopi Panasonic #121 - Disco ball #133 - Spray paint 13 She died before the experiment was even finished!
Jasmine, Jasmine G.E. Turntable #133 - Spray paint 1 A hole was burned through her bottom. She died thrice, two times she woke up and after she died for the third time, she was buried in the snow. Jasmine was a zombie!
Susan Susan Sharp Carousel #134 - XBOX 360 1 Susan lasted a single experiment. However, Jory and company didn't know she died until the next experiment, the Hannah Montana pen, was attempted, leading to some totally awesome mid-episode drama.
Beatrice Beatrice Sharp Carousel #135 - Hannah Montana singing pen #136 - Lithium Polymer battery 2 The third in a three-part series of incredibly short-lived microwaves, Beatrice outdid Jasmine and Susan by surviving one experiment (only to die after the next one). Beatrice was killed by the flames which came from the microwaved battery.
Jackie Jackie G.E. Turntable #137 - Projector lamp #155 - Slot machine 19 After she won the jackpot, she shocked so much, she died.
Summer Summer G.E. Turntable #167 - Air bag 1 The airbag deployed and blew up the microwave in 2 seconds. The microwave door literally was blown off from the hinges.
Cinnamon Cinnamon Sharp Carousel #186 - Rubber ducks #188 - Polaroid camera 3 The polaroid camera caught fire which killed her.
Candy, Candy Chefmate #189 - 400w sodium bulb #191 - Lego bricks 3 Dead in three experiments, though with no clear reason as to why. Zelda Kenmore #192 - Bottle of gin #195 - Television 4 She died in one of very few Riley-hosted episodes, bringing Riley's kill count to 1 along with Jon's 1 and Jory's 11. Gladys Sharp Carousel #212 - Spinning Firework 1 Her door melted off "like an onion."
Erin Erin G.E. Turntable #213 - Green Spray Paint 1 With five explosions (of which two were edited out for time), a fire, and Riley breaking the door off, Erin was completely slaughtered.
Sarah Sarah Sharp Carousel #214 - PlayStation 3 #222 - Grill Brush 9 The flame which came from the brush was very big and killed Sarah, because Jory was not allowed by Jon to stop the experiment.
Margaret Margaret Sharp Carousel #223 - Crocs #224 - Smoke Bombs 2 The smoke bombs were smoking so much, Margaret was suffocated.
Marissa Marissa Kenmore #243 - Dry Ice #245 - ZhuZhu pets 3 Technically she was not dead, her light just broke. According to Jory she is like a vegetable. The guys discusses if it should called a retirement or a funeral. Jory suggested to do a slow fade out, like the brains running out of oxygen.
Esmeralda Esmeralda Sharp Carousel #248 - Unbagged Popcorn #253 - Twilight Figurines 6 Esmeralda is the second microwave to die before the next experiment (after Susan). This time the guys heard her dying (a "click" was heard). It is unknown if this was because of her age (she was a quite old microwave) or because of her last experiment with the twilight figurines. The two pictures show her with her panel and without her panel wich peeled of in the Smoke Detector episode.
Beth Beth GoldStar #274 - Airbag Revisit 1 Beth was used for the airbag revisit instead of Rapunzel, and didn't learn anything from Summer's death.
Gabriele Gabrielle GoldStar #278 - Carrot #287 - Airsoft Gun 10 She was the first dead microwave since Jackie to have an experiment amount with two digits.
Rapunzel Rapunzel G.E. Turntable

All experiments.

#271 - Champagne
#272 - Safety Vests
#273 - Baby Food
#276 - Hookah
#277 - Easter Bunny (retired)
#288 - Gasoline (dead)

6 For season 10 Jon promised the guys would retire the microwaves early when they become too dark on their inside. After her fifth experiment with the easter bunny the guys realized Rapunzel was too dark, so as promised Rapunzel was retired and switched out. She was followed by Gabrielle. However, she returned after Gabrielle's death for Episode 288, in which she survived several bursts of fire but ultimately died.
Gina Gina G.E. Turntable #289 - Twilight and Highlighters #290 - Diaper 2 With Gina dying, she became the second microwave to be killed by Riley McIlwain... and ironically this microwave once again died with Jon in picture!
Emily Emily Emerson #294 - Bacon #296 - Justin Bieber 3 Same story as Candy. She died on her third experiment, but her cause of death is unknown. The experiment which killed her, didn't even catch fire!
Heather Heather Hamilton Beach #297 - Shake Weight #299 - Firework Mortar 3 She went out with a literal bang as part of the special series finale part 1.
Shelley Shelley GoldStar #291 - Cigarettes #293 - Bra (retired)
#300 - Propane (dead)
4 Just like Rapunzel Shelley returned from her retirement. She did part 2 of the series finale, where she was completely slaughtered. Several parts melted off and she was shot with a gun. Shelley was one of the most damaged microwaves in the entire history of Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?.
Rhianna 1080p Rhianna Rival #301 - Gas Covered Christmas Trees #301 - Gas Covered Christmas Trees 1 Although she had no funeral montage, you can clearly hear Jory say "I'd say the microwave's not working anymore." It just seems that Jon forgot to make Rhianna a funeral montage. Rhianna is the first microwave since Vanessa which died and did not get a montage.
Ivanka Ivanka Magic Chef #302 - Samsung Galaxy Phone #305 - Santa Claus

(sans #303 - Two Light Bulbs at Playlist Live)

3 Ivanka suddenly died when she was about to microwave the Stress Ball. Her death was quite surprising, because she proved herself strong when she microwaved the Samsung phone.

Montages Edit

The first funeral montage Jon made, was for Helga. After that, every killed microwave got a montage, except for Vanessa, because there would be only two shots in there (she only had two experiments). However: later, short lived microwaves did get a funeral montage as well, even the microwaves which did only one experiment. After Vanessa, Rhianna also didn't get a montage, likely because Jon forgot to make one.

Tally Edit

  • Microwaves died: 28
    • Sandra, Helga, Vanessa, Tracy, Whoopi, Jasmine, Susan, Beatrice, Jackie, Summer, Cinnamon, Candy, Zelda, Gladys, Erin, Sarah, Margaret, Marissa, Esmeralda, Beth, Gabrielle, Rapunzel, Gina, Emily, Heather, Shelley, Rhianna, Ivanka