Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This? Wiki

Here is a complete list of all the experiments microwaved on the show. To see the complete number of good and bad ideas (overall / season), click here.

Season 1 (2007)[]

Number Item Microwave used Time Host Plot Outcome Upload date
1 Light bulb Unnamed 2:00 Jory Caron

The bulb lit up to purple, then popped.

Bad Idea July 1, 2007
2 Tin foil Unnamed 1:00 Jory Caron The tin foil sparked, until Jory turned it off to vent out the air. Bad Idea July 2, 2007
3 Pop Tarts Unnamed :30 Jory Caron The tin-foil packaging sparked, but the pop tarts were still edible (sort of). Good Idea July 3, 2007
4 Popcorn Unnamed "Popcorn" setting Jory Caron It didn't pop for a while, but eventually did. And the plastic packaging melted. Good Idea, because it was popcorn. July 5, 2007
5 Soy sauce Unnamed 1:00 Jory Caron The pouch expanded, spun around, and finally sprayed sauce all over the microwave. Bad Idea July 6, 2007
6 Kool-Aid Unnamed 1:00 Jory Caron The Kool-Aid sparked, the soy sauce freaked out, but on the inside, no signs of a fireball. Good Idea July 7, 2007
7 Ketchup packet Unnamed 1:00 Jory Caron It sparked, and then the packets caught fire. Unfortunateely for Jory, he still got cold ketchup. Bad Idea July 8, 2007
8 VHS tape Unnamed 1:00 Jory Caron The tape didn't do much, but when they opened it, it melted through. Bad Idea July 9, 2007
Styrofoam and packing peanuts (not counted in Unnamed's experiment total) Unnamed Unknown Jory Caron Nothing much happened to the Styrofoam block, or the packing peanuts. Jon says that he doesn't recall these two experiments even getting a verdict, but that, if he could give them a verdict now, both would definitely be stupid ideas. These experiments took place between VHS tape and toothpaste. They can be seen in the first FAQ video, which was uploaded on April 6, 2008.
9 Toothpaste Unnamed 1:30 Jory Caron The toothpaste sparked, and the tube unraveled. It began to ooze, and it was hot and liquidy. Jory decided to open it up for splatter action. It steamed, and cleaned the microwave (which was good). The tube got smaller, releasing toothpaste in the air, and it sparked again.
The original version was a bad idea, but the revisit was a good idea.
Bad Idea July 11, 2007
10 Christmas lights Unnamed 2:00 Jory Caron The lights lit up, they got stuck, and then some popped. Bad Idea July 13, 2007
11 Match Unnamed Unknown (:17 on camera) Jory Caron This is the shortest episode of the whole series (the longest being #133). The match lit up the whole time. Good Idea July 15, 2007
12 Liquid soap Unnamed 2:00 Jory Caron The bottle was shooting at the window, and leaked out of the bottom. Good Idea July 18, 2007
13 Condom Unnamed 2:00 Jory Caron The condom didn't do much, but it sparked, and nothing else. Bad Idea July 25, 2007
14 Twizzlers Unnamed 1:30 Jory Caron The Twizzler changed color, the bag puffed up, and it smoked and blackened. Bad Idea July 27, 2007
15 Marshmallow Peeps Unnamed 1:00 Jory Caron The peeps blew up, and mutated. They also stuck to the plate. Good Idea July 30, 2007
16 CD Unnamed 2:00 Jory Caron The CD sparked and caught on fire. THAT is (not) burning a CD! Good Idea August 5, 2007
17 Rice Krispies Unnamed 2:00 Jory Caron The box fell over, built up pressure, smoked, and was burnt. Bad Idea August 11, 2007
18 Moist Towelette Unnamed - RET 2:00 Jory Caron It sparked, then nothing else happened, though it heated up and could still clean.
This was Unnamed's last experiment.
Good Idea August 18, 2007

Season 2 (2007)[]

Number Item Microwave used Time Host Plot Outcome Upload date
19 Light bulb (#1), Toothpaste (#9) and soy sauce (#5) Diane* 2:00 Jory Caron This was just a re-microwaving of #1, #5, and #9.
Light bulb: It lit up like back in #1, only it lasted longer until it popped.
Toothpaste: What toothpaste was on the bulb melted over it. What was in the tube vaporized.
Soy Sauce: Some of it sprayed on the door because of the bulb's explosion. Any intact packages plumped up. Combined with the toothpaste, it smelled like a Chinese dentist's office.

Bad Idea

September 12, 2007
20 Egg Diane* 3:00 Jory Caron The egg exploded near the end. Bad Idea September 15, 2007
21 Ink cartridge (x2) Diane* 3:00 Jory Caron The cartridges sparked and caught fire shortly after Jory pressed start. Bad Idea September 19, 2007
22 Apple Diane* 4:00 Jory Caron The apple's insides looked like a baked potato, with the skin being the tin foil. Good Idea September 22, 2007
23 Cell phone Diane* 3:00 Jory Caron The antenna of the cell phone sparked a bit and caught on fire. Bad Idea September 27, 2007
24 Watermelon Diane* 2:00 Jory Caron The watermelon just got warmer and squishier. It wasn't well done. Good Idea September 29, 2007
25 Flashlight Diane* 1:00 Jory Caron The light inside the flashlight burnt out; the filament failed. It wasn't in the microwave long enough to break the battery. Bad Idea October 4, 2007
26 (Nobody likes) roasted nuts Diane* 2:00 Jory Caron The roasted nuts got warm and ready to eat. The plastic wrapper didn't melt on them. Good Idea October 7, 2007
27 Bag of chips Diane* 4:00 Jory Caron The bag of chips shrank-wrapped in about 4 seconds. It made a delicious Lays potato chip bar. Good Idea October 11, 2007
28 Hard drive Diane* 1:00 Jory Caron The hard drive just sparked and ruined the thousands of porn videos that were on it. Bad Idea October 15, 2007
29 Banana Diane* 1:00 Jory Caron The skin got charred, the inside survived with minimal damage. Good Idea October 18, 2007
30 Bar of soap Diane 1:45 Jory Caron The soap puffed up.
First time Diane is named.
Good Idea October 21, 2007
31 Steel wool Diane 1:30 Jory Caron Sparks appeared throughout the experiment. Good Idea October 25, 2007
32 Glow sticks Diane 2:00 Jory Caron Glowing residue was left behind. Bad Idea October 28, 2007
33 Bubble solution Diane 2:30 Jory Caron Nothing happened, at all. Stupid Idea November 2, 2007
34 Tomato Diane 1:53 Jory Caron The tomato got warm and squishy before Jory massacred it with a straw. Good Idea November 4, 2007
35 Crayons Diane 1:37 Jory Caron The crayons melted together and flowed like paint. Good Idea November 8, 2007
36 Grapes Diane 3:17 Jory Caron The grapes burst and became a drippy mess. No plasma, though, unfortunately. Good Idea November 15, 2007
37 Deodorant Diane 3:00 Jory Caron The deodorant just melted and became hot. It looked nothing like the soap. Bad Idea November 18, 2007
38 Soda can Diane 5:00 Jory Caron The can got charred, and the soda itself warmed up. Bad Idea November 22, 2007
39 Bubble wrap Diane 4:17 Jory Caron The bubble wrap got charred a little, turned sticky, and it was really boring, as agreed by Jon and Jory. In fact, they claimed it to be the most boring episode in the history of the show. Worst episode ever! Stupid Idea November 25, 2007
40 Ketchup bottle Diane 3:21 Jory Caron At first, it was boring like the bubbles. Then, it squirted ketchup all over the microwave and made the lab smell like hot dogs and Chef Boyardee. Good Idea November 30, 2007
41 Charcoal Diane 3:00 Jory Caron Nothing happened with just the charcoal and the lighter fluid, so tin foil needed to be added, in order for there to be fire. Bad Idea December 2, 2007
42 Lighter Diane 2:38 Jory Caron The butane escaped and set the light on fire. It caked the top of Diane with black soot. Bad Idea December 7, 2007
43 Axe Body Spray Diane 5:00 Jory Caron Nothing happened for a few minutes, then small flames come from the remains of the previous experiment, then the can exploded. Also: the circuit breaker tripped during this experiment, which turned Diane off. Bad Idea December 9, 2007
44 Dynamite Diane - RET** : 6 Jory Caron Take One. Nothing happened. The boys threw rocks at hit, breaking the door clear off.
Take Two. The dynamite exploded, and blew Diane apart.
Bad Idea December 17, 2007

* Diane wasn't named yet during this experiment. She was named on the 30th episode.
** In episode 44 Diane was blown apart, but officially it doesn't count as a microwave death, because Diane did not die in action; she was killed. Her official fate is retired.

Season 3 (2008)[]

Number Item Microwave used Time Host Plot Outcome Upload date
45 Eggs (#20), soap (#30) and lighter (#42) Sandra 5:00 Jory Caron This was just a re-microwaving if #20, #30, and #42.
Eggs: One of them exploded. More exploded without the soap and lighter.
Soap: It became foam like in #30.
Lighter: Nothing happened. The soap may have something to do with this.
Bad Idea January 31, 2008
46 Two Furbies Sandra 10:00 Jory Caron The Furbies caused smoke, and their brains popped! There was more popping sounds, a fire inside a Furby, and smoke inside Sandra. The Furbies were annoying, anyway. Bad Idea February 3, 2008
47 Pens Sandra 2:30 Jory Caron The pens stood still on the plate, and some of them melted. The red cooked on the inside, and mixed with purple. Green, however, stayed firm. Orange bent like a stick. Redurple Idea February 7, 2008
48 GameBoy and GBA Sandra 5:00 Jory Caron They snapped and crackled and sparked, then when the door was opened, the Gameboys were no longer playable. Bad Idea February 10, 2008
49 Giant mercury light bulb Sandra 2:00 Jory Caron The bulb lit up to purple, then blue, and then sparked, the whole experiment. The boys considered switching to welding masks, to protect their eyes, cause nobody liked blind eyes. Good Idea February 18, 2008
50 Vaseline Sandra 3:00 Jory Caron The Vaseline did nothing. When they opened the door, it was liquefied and warmer. Good Idea February 18, 2008
51 Snow globe Sandra 12:25 Jory Caron The snow globe did nothing for a while, but then the globe exploded. Merry (late) Christmas. Good Idea February 21, 2008
52 Magic 8 ball Sandra 5:00 Jory Caron The 8 ball did nothing at first, but then released steam from the top. It later rolled over, and leaked all over the plate. Good Idea February 21, 2008
53 Air freshener Sandra 3:30 Jory Caron The bottle was melting like it was bleeding. It bubbled up, and made the lab smell good. Good Idea February 28, 2008
54 Lava lamp Sandra 20:00 Jory Caron Jory wanted to imitate what the Mythbusters Build Team did. But instead on a Gas Hob/stove, they did that in the microwave. Prior to the experiment, the Microwave Specialist taped the door of Sandra. After about 3 minutes, the Lava Lamp exploded in the microwave. A lot of the Red goo from what apparently was the liquid from the Lava Lamp started to leak out of Sandra and lava lamp spilled below the glass plate. Bad Idea March 2, 2008
55 Disposable camera Sandra 2:00 Jory Caron The camera sparked, lit up, smoked, and finally caught fire. Bad Idea March 6, 2008
56 Glue Sandra 3:00 Jory Caron The bottle took a leak, and it steamed. When opened, the microwave was covered in glue, red from #54, and blue from #52. Happy early birthday, America! Bad Idea March 9, 2008
57 Wrist watch Sandra 1:00 Jory Caron Vaseline was used to make the watch stand up. In the experiment, it smoked and quickly caught fire. It also popped. Bad Idea March 13, 2008
58 Ping pong balls Sandra More than 2:00, later 3:00 Jory Caron The balls did nothing for a while, but they soon sparked. The flame didn't quite hit the balls though. The fire continued, and the balls burst into flames, blowing the door off. After the fire, the balls were obliterated to another dimension. Good Idea March 16, 2008
59 Barbie doll Sandra 2:00 Jory Caron The microwave caused a spark, when emerged, Barbie's butt and ankles were melted into the plate.

Bad Idea

March 19, 2008
60 Highlighters Sandra 3:00 Jory Caron The yellow highlighter exploded, and one of them sprung a leak. Good Idea March 23, 2008
61 Vinyl records Sandra 5:00 Jory Caron Stuff fell over, and it looked like it was melting down. One of them was now like a floppy disk. Good Idea March 27, 2008
62 Microwave (Diane's remains) Sandra - 5:00 Jory Caron (announcer) Diane's remains sparked, and made funny noises. Sandra stopped, and was found dead when she wouldn't start, but her buttons still were active. Two wrongs don't make a right, and they don't make a working microwave, either. Bad Idea March 30, 2008
63 Shaving cream Helga 6:00 Jory Caron The shaving cream expanded, and the can sprayed even more of it. It also steamed. Helga is one ****** woman! Bad Idea April 10, 2008
64 Lemons and lime Helga 2:00 Jory Caron The lemons and lime melted a little, but could squirt. The apple, watermelon, banana, tomato, grapes and other fruits have been good ideas as well. Good Idea April 13, 2008
65 15 compact discs Helga 1:30 Jory Caron The CDs sparked the whole time, smoked, and some molded together. Bad Idea April 17, 2008
66 Water balloon Helga 5:00 Jory Caron The balloon expanded most of the experiment, and the water boiled. Just as time was running out, the balloon exploded. Good Idea April 20, 2008
67 "Everlasting" Gobstoppers Helga 6:00 Jory Caron The Gobstoppers melted during the experiment, and the box leaked. Bad Idea April 24, 2008
68 TV remote Helga 1:00 Jory Caron The TV remote smoked and caught on fire, making it unusable. "Where's the TV remote?!" Bad Idea April 27, 2008
69 Nail polish remover Helga 2:00 (6:00 added) Jory Caron Tin foil was placed to help the nail polish remover. Not much happened at first, but then sparked for a second. Eventually, both items caught on fire. Bad Idea April 28, 2008
70 Laundry detergent Helga 3:00 Jory Caron Some detergent was poured into the cap. After some time, the detergent bubbled. Bad Idea May 1, 2008
71 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Game Cartridge Helga :95 Jory Caron The game cartridge smoked and then it melted a little. Bad Idea May 6, 2008
72 Hair spray can Helga 10:00 Jory Caron The hair spray can didn't do anything at all, except that the top melted, making it unusable. Bad Idea May 11, 2008
73 Coconut Helga 35:00 Jory Caron The coconut didn't do anything, though the liquid inside evaporated. Bad Idea May 14, 2008
74 Batteries Helga 7:00 Jory Caron The batteries sparked and burned. Now you know what would happen if you microwaved a battery. Bad Idea May 22, 2008
75 Nickel Cadmium rechargeable batteries Helga 7:52 Jory Caron The batteries sparked for a while, they caught on fire, caused a bad smell, and broke Helga's plate. Bad Idea May 22, 2008

Season 4 (2008)[]

Number Item Microwave used Time Host Plot Outcome Upload date
76 Portable TV Helga 3:00 Jory Caron "Sex and the City" was played during the experiment. As the experiment started, the TV sparked, the screen turned green, and burst into flames. The screen was still on, until it died. A lot of crackling was heard, and it fell over. It looked like Quasimodo got hit head-on by a semi-truck. Bad Idea June 29, 2008
77 Fireworks Helga - 7:04 Jory Caron Some of the bees went off, they sparked, then the snakes went off. Also, the pyramid activated as well and Helga died with a huge scream. Bad Idea July 2, 2008
78 Bubble gum Lacey 5:00 Jory Caron The gum fell over, and melted into a bubble gum pancake the rest of the experiment. It bubbled too. When they opened it, the gum looked like giant pepperoni. Bad Idea July 5, 2008
79 iPod Lacey 6:00 Jory Caron The iPods sparked, the one standing fell over, sparked again, and finally, they went out with a bang!

Word of Caution not to try this at home.

Good Idea

(Don't try at home)

July 9, 2008
80 Liquid air freshener Lacey 3:30 Jory Caron It sounded like Titanic sinking, it leaked, and moved around. When opened, the liquid air freshener was empty. Good Idea July 12, 2008
81 Pregnancy test Lacey (potential mother) :90 Jory Caron (potential father) Nothing much happened, other than something sparked (might have been the iPod remains). Jory also forgot to pee on it. Bad Idea July 16, 2008
82 Mini marshmallows Lacey 4:44 Jory Caron The marshmallows shrunk and melted. Bad Idea July 19, 2008
83 Nintendo DS Lacey 3:00 Jory Caron The DS caught on fire, and it melted. Bad Idea July 23, 2008
84 Goop cleaner Lacey 3:00 Jory Caron The Goop melted and bubbled, making it flow like lava. It also still cleans too! Good Idea July 26, 2008
85 Laser disc Lacey 2:00 Jory Caron Like the CD and the 15 CDs before, the laser disc sparked the whole time, and lost its shape. Bad Idea July 30, 2008
86 Candle Lacey 2:00 Jory Caron The candle was lit by Jory before microwaving. In the experiment, the candle steamed a little, Good Idea August 3, 2008
87 Portable DVD player Lacey 3:99 Jory Caron The DVD player played Jory talking to himself out of the DVD player. In the experiment, the DVD player's screen shut off quickly, "killing" Jory. Nothing much happened after that, but it sparked a little and did look spongy. Bad Idea August 6, 2008
88 Mirror Lacey :77 Jory Caron The mirror sparked, and it broke, giving Lacey seven years bad luck, until experiment #102. The mirror also caught on fire. Good Idea August 10, 2008
89 LCD clock Lacey 1:11 Jory Caron The clock smoked, burned into a flaming torch, and had spontaneous combustion. Bad Idea August 13, 2008
90 Army men Lacey 4:44 Jory Caron There was shooting next to the army men, then nothing more happened. Good Idea August 16, 2008
91 GameCube Lacey 6:40 Jory Caron The GameCube smoked a little, and caught on fire. Bad Idea August 20, 2008
92 Hot and cold pack Lacey 3:00 Jory Caron The pack didn't do much, though it became a warm pack! Good Idea August 23, 2008
93 Bouncy balls Lacey 3:00 Jory Caron The balls rolled, and they disappeared from the plate. They became slimy, but still bounced. Bad Idea August 28, 2008
94 Fork and spoon Lacey 4:00 Jory Caron The fork and spoon kind of sparked, and heated up. Good Idea August 31, 2008
95 SPAM Lacey Meat and potatoes setting Jory Caron Nothing happened to the SPAM, both unopened and opened. When Jory tried it, it tasted like ham. Bad Idea September 3, 2008
96 Jon's old car headlights Lacey 1:30 Jory Caron The headlight lit up, caught fire, smashed and fell over. Good Idea September 7, 2008
97 Pencil Lacey 2:00 Jory Caron The pencil sparked from the metal part, and caught fire. A flaming stick! Good Idea September 10, 2008
98 PlayStation 2 (PS2) Lacey (4:00) Jory Caron The controller lit up, smoked and melted into the PS2 itself. Bad Idea September 13, 2008
99 Jell-O Lacey 3:00 Jory Caron There were two cups of Jell-O, opened and unopened. The opened one became liquid, and the unopened one's cover bulged. It made the lab smell fruity. Bad Idea September 17, 2008
100 Plasma globe Lacey 1:40 Jory Caron The globe smoked, shattered, and nothing else. Bad Idea September 21, 2008
101 Golf ball Lacey 8:00 Jory Caron The golf ball burned on one side, and smoked the whole microwave inside. When opened, it looked like burned marshmallow. Bad Idea September 24, 2008
102 Mac laptop, donated by Riley Lacey - RET 5:00 Jory Caron The battery was removed first, possibly to avoid Lacey being killed like Sandra and Helga. The laptop's screen warped, it burned on one side and the keys popped up a little, making in unusable.
This was Lacey's last experiment, one experiment short behind Diane.
Good Idea September 28, 2008

Season 5 (2008-2009)[]

Number Item Microwave used Time Host Plot Outcome Upload date
103 Jack O'Lantern and ping pong balls Vanessa 10:31, 6:00 added Jory Caron (dressed as a Viking Pimp Fighter Pilot) The pumpkin did nothing for a while. It sunk a little, and lost both ping-pong ball eyes. Later, they did the ping-pong balls alone, and they were burned completely out of existence. Happy Halloween.
This was Riley's debut episode, and he obviously lasted longer than all microwaves in the future.

Bad Idea

October 29, 2008
104 Obama vs. McCain Vanessa - 4:40 Jory Caron There was sparking behind Obama, and this was a fiery debate! Obama's feet caught fire, got assassinated, and the rest of his body was cremated. McCain's arm fell over, and then had a stroke. In the end, both were decapitated, Obama more so. Obama looked like chocolate moose, and McCain like a sailor who went to town. Obama's head looked like the pooped out of his mouth. If the United States was a microwave, both candidates lose. Vanessa also died, as she was killed by democracy. Vanessa probably did commit suicide, because of how Jory forgot her name before the experiment started. Unpatriotic Idea November 3, 2008
105 Inhaler Tracy 6:00 Jory Caron The inhaler didn't do much during the experiment, after five minutes it went off and sparked. Bad Idea November 5, 2008
106 Computer mouse Tracy 7:00 Jory Caron The mouse sparked from inside, popped, and then glowed inside. It finally caught fire. "Did you throw it in the microwave?!" Bad Idea November 9, 2008
107 35mm film Tracy 2:35 Jory Caron The film didn't do anything at first, but it was shown to be slightly melted. Box Office Bomb November 12, 2008
108 Rubik's cube Tracy 6:00 Jory Caron The cube bounced, despite Riley and Jon disagreeing with Jory. It smoked, and then caught fire. Bad Idea November 15, 2008
109 Gun caps Tracy 3:20 Jory Caron It sparked, and then it caused the gun caps to pop. Darn Good Idea November 19, 2008
110 Wii mote Tracy 3:60 Jory Caron The Wii mote sparked, caused fire, and smoked. It later melted into a mess. Good Idea November 23, 2008
111 Talking greeting card Tracy 3:00 Jory Caron The card sparked and caught fire, fell over, and burned a hole in the card. Also, something exploded. Bad Idea November 25, 2008
112 motherboard Tracy 5:00 Jory Caron The motherboard sparked and caught fire. It stopped and resumed several more times. Bad Idea November 27, 2008
113 Power supply unit Tracy 4:00 Jory Caron The unit sparked, and then it stopped. It repeated for several more times, until it finally caught fire. Bad Idea November 29, 2008
114 Memento DVD Tracy 4:00 Jory Caron The whole episode was done backwards. When opened, the DVD case and disc were burned. The DVD sparked inside, and it caught fire. The DVD turned away, before it began sparking. Good Idea December 4, 2008
115 Pikachu Tracy 1:50 Jory Caron Pikachu's cheeks lit up, then it looked like one of his "Electrical Storm Attacks", as Riley put it, and his face caught fire, scaring the boys. Bad Idea December 7, 2008
116 Blender Tracy 5 Ground Meat Jory Caron The blender sparked and lit up. In the end, it was a stalemate. Yes, It Microwaves! December 11, 2008
117 Amp tubes Tracy 19:77 Jory Caron The amps lit up, sparked, and they kind of died out, one also fell over. Good Idea December 14, 2008
118 Hot Wheels Tracy 2:40 Jory Caron The cars sparked and lit up, and three of the guys except the blue one caught fire. Good Idea December 16, 2008
119 Etch-a-Sketch Tracy 6:66 (because of Jory's "hatred" of Riley) Jory Caron The Etch a Sketch sparked, crackled very loudly, and eventually caught fire. Now you know whats in an Etch a Sketch! Bad Idea December 18, 2008
120 Digital camera Tracy - 5:60 Jonathan Paula The camera sparked and caught on fire. Jon decided to keep going because Jory's a pansy. By 1:44, a click was heard and shortly after the guys discovered the microwave died. Bad Idea December 22, 2008
121 Disco ball Whoopi 7:00 Jory Caron The disco ball shot sparks, fell over, caught fire and melted. Disco died in the microwave! Bad Idea December 23, 2008
122 Digital pet Whoopi 4:00 Jory Caron The pet sparked and caught on fire. When in Jory's hand, it caught fire again. Don't mess with Tamagotchi! Bad Idea December 28, 2008
123 Thermite Whoopi 10:00 Jory Caron The thermite sparked, and then it made bigger sparks. Bad Idea December 30, 2008
124 Atari game (E.T.) Whoopi :82 Jory Caron The game smoked, sparked and caught on fire. Good Idea January 5, 2009
125 Nintendo zapper Whoopi 2:00 (19:85 suggested by Riley) Jory Caron The zapper lit up, then doused out several times. Jory added 2:00 more, then the zapper ended up in two. Bad Idea January 7, 2009
126 Play-Doh Whoopi 4:00 (3:00 suggested by Jon) Jory Caron The play-doh pizza heated up and dried the whole time. Good Idea January 11, 2009
127 Spark plug Whoopi 1:21 Jory Caron The spark plug tried to spark, but nothing happened. Boring Idea January 12, 2009
128 Plastic hair ball Whoopi 6:00 Jory Caron The ball did nothing at all. They later poked it, made a slit, and put it on Riley's head, so it looked like green hair. Good Idea January 14, 2009
129 iFish Whoopi 4:00 Jory Caron The iFish sparked, then popped, and finally caught fire, giving Riley his chance of using the fire extinguisher. Bad Idea January 18, 2009
130 iDog Whoopi 4:00 Jory Caron The iDog sparked like the iFish, popped, smoked from his head and caught fire, giving Riley another chance at the fire extinguisher. Bad Idea January 20, 2009
131 Black "African American" light Whoopi 2:30 Jory Caron The light lit up, and by 1:30, it died out, then lit up again, and died out again. Eventually, it caught fire, and lit up yet again for a while. Good Idea January 22, 2009
132 CO2 canister Whoopi 30:00 Jory Caron Something happened in Whoopi, and then there was a clatter and hissing. It also made the pottery red hot, and melted a hole in it. Bad Idea January 25, 2009
133 Spray Paint Whoopi -
Jasmine -
24:00 (Whoopi), later 15:00 (Jasmine) Jory Caron Take One. Spray paint sounded like it was coming out, but not exploding. Whoopi shut herself off and when she was restarted, they realize it did not work anymore (it did not sound like that). Whoopi died too early, so they had to use a different microwave to complete the experiment.
Take Two. Now tinfoil was added. There was sparking from the bottom by 13:57, melting the trash barrel it was on a little. It flamed up by 13:00, and finally burst into flames after about three minutes. The exterior caught fire, then died for ten seconds. It re-lit again, then died. After fifteen more seconds, it burst into flames a third time. Jasmine was a zombie microwave, but who knows what other creepy things she may be capable of?

Jory declared it a great idea despite killing 2 microwaves in the process.

Good Idea January 29, 2009

Season 6 (2009)[]

Number Item Microwave used Time Host Plot Outcome Upload date
134 Xbox 360 Susan - 7:00 Riley McIlwain (April Fools!), Jory Caron (really) The controller smoked, the Xbox 360 lit inside, and the controller caught fire, causing Jory trying to put out the fire more than four times. The crew didn't know the microwave died until they tried to microwave the next experiment. Bad Idea March 31, 2009
135 Hannah Montana singing pen Beatrice 4:00 Jory Caron The pen it up by the press-part, and by 3:20, the pen exploded, causing a weird smell. It exploded when Jory put out the battery, nearly losing his hand. Bad Idea April 2, 2009
136 LiPo battery Beatrice - 9:00 (: 1 was suggested by Riley out of sheer fear) Jory Caron The battery caught flames, and Beatrice died by 6:52. The smell was awful, and Riley claimed it a Deadly Idea. Deadly Idea(Don't try this at home) April 5, 2009
137 Projector lamp Jackie 2:33 Jory Caron The lamp lit up, caught fire, and the lamp run aground, the ship has sunk. Good Idea April 9, 2009
138 Twinkie Jackie 3:00 Jory Caron The Twinkie's pouch got bigger, and it smoked. When opened, the Twinkie looked like a turd. Good Idea April 11, 2009
139 Pokemon toys Jackie 1:50 Jory Caron Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur charged up. Charmander was spontaneous combustion, Pikachu wasn't as scary as last time, Bulbasaur had a stroke, and the Pokeball? Pokefailure! However, Squirtle stayed firm, probably because he is a water-based Pokemon. If anything is made of water, a microwave won't affect it; or, at least that's what the guys decided; microwaves actually work by stimulating water molecules, so their logic is null and void. Good Idea April 15, 2009
140 Newton's cradle Jackie 2:30 Jory Caron Jory put the cradle in action before microwaving. The cradle sparked, and the two balls in action dropped. One of the bars leaned over to the other, making the cradle unenjoyable. Bad Idea April 19, 2009
141 LED stuff Jackie 2:00 Jory Caron The batteries lit up, and caught themselves and the LED billboard on fire. Bad Idea April 23, 2009
142 Fart bombs Jackie 4:00 Jory Caron The fart bombs sparked, and they caught fire, making it a mound of blargh! It was an SBD (silent but deadly) fart! Good Idea April 26, 2009
143 My Little Pony (Pinkie Pie) Jackie 3:00 Jory Caron Fire formed next to My Little Pony, caught her hair on fire, and she fell over and burned. She is now My Little Elmer's Glue Bottle. Avaliable at Barnes & Noble or Toys "R" Us. Bad Idea April 30, 2009
144 Dildo Jackie :69 Jory Caron The Dildo's nuts were roasted, it fell over, and the Dildo was done. A broken-down penis. Gonorrhea will do something like that. Bad Idea May 3, 2009
145 Microsoft Zune Jackie 3:00 Jory Caron The Zune caught on fire and melted. Shortly after Jory put it out, something exploded in the Zune. Bad Idea May 7, 2009
146 Toaster Jackie 5:00 Jory Caron The brave little toaster sparked a little, the bottom caught on fire, and it smelled like burnt toast, with an extra hint of poison. Riley put it out with water. Also, the toast was nowhere near done. Bad Idea May 10, 2009
147 Nerf gun Jackie 4:32 (007 suggested by Riley) Jory Caron The gun sparked, caught fire, and did in Jackie's plate. The gun could still fire, and shoots cancer bullets at you! Good Idea May 14, 2009
148 Robosapien Jackie 5:00 Jory Caron He stopped moving, then caught fire and fell over. Hasta la vista, baby! Where is John Connor?! Good Idea May 18, 2009
149 Paintballs Jackie "Popcorn" setting Jory Caron The paint balls melted during the experiment, looking like a nasty omelet with **** in it. Good Idea May 21, 2009
150 Video camera Jackie 2:24 Jonathan Paula Before experiment, Jon removed the plate and put the camera in the center, so it could film what it's like inside a microwave. The camera sparked, then died, making the video non-recoverable. It caught on fire, and when the door was opened, the camera looked like a steaming pile of ****. The memory card was no longer recoverable in the end. Bad Idea May 24, 2009
151 Silly Putty Jackie 3:42 Jory Caron The plate sparked, but it was probably Robosapien or the video camera. Then there was loud buzzing, and it stuck Silly Putty to the plate. When opened, Jory broke Beatrice's replacement plate in two. Good Idea May 28, 2009
152 Guitar strings Jackie 19:79 Jory Caron The strings caught fire early, and burned the boxes. Good Idea May 31, 2009
153 Peanut butter Jackie 6:10 Jory Caron Jory put some of the "expired" peanut butter onto Jackie, and when microwaved, the peanut butter sparked and caught fire. Peanut butter has a high oil content, a lot of it was burnt, and it made the lab smell like peanut butter. How much PB do you have left? Not much. Bad Idea June 5, 2009
154 Slinky Jackie :37 (two minutes later added) Jory Caron There was sparking during the original 37 seconds. When Jory added two more minutes, the slinky sparked more, and also burned a gap on Jackie's plastic ring. Jackie was a trooper! Bad Idea June 7, 2009
155 Slot machine Jackie - 7:77 Jory Caron After some flashing, the slot machine ignited from the inside. After the experiment the machine was partly molten and Jory could rip the outside off and get the coins inside of it.
This was the last experiment with Jackie, because she died. The slot Machine was also dead, and in gambling, no one wins!
Push June 11, 2009
156 Big Mouth Billy Bass Samantha "Fish" setting Jory Caron The fish lit up, smoked, and it somehow popped. Bad Idea June 12, 2009
157 Hand Warmers Samantha 3:00 Jory Caron (Jon Paula as the sidekick) Four were placed; one used, one just opened, and two still in packaging. One of them puffed up, and all of them burst, making Samantha warm on the inside. The microwave was also fogged up. Eventually, one of the packages burned. When opened, two packages were black, and the third brown. Bad Idea June 13, 2009
158 Transformers Samantha 2:00 (Revenge of the Fallen) Jory Caron The Transformer was put in the microwave it's robot form. The Transformer's butt smoked, like a jet pack, he fell over, and his wing caught on fire. Transformers... are dead! Bad Idea June 14, 2009
159 Capri Sun (x2) Samantha Beverages (three more added) Jory Caron The Capri Suns sparked a lot, then one caught fire. Taste tests claim that the temperature of the juice itself did not increase. Awesome ------- Idea June 15, 2009
160 Ink toner cartridge Samantha 2:00 (plus 3 more minutes) Jory Caron Parts melted, Jory made a big flaming mess again. What else is new? Bad Idea June 15, 2009
161 Bottle rocket Samantha 17:76 Jory Caron The bottle rocket ignites. The microwave is still operating. IT SMELLS LIKE VICTORY! Star-Spangled Bad Idea June 16, 2009
162 Firecrackers Samantha 4:00 (for fourth of July) Jory Caron The firecrackers popped up, then they died down after a while, and some didn't pop. ---- Fine Idea June 16, 2009
163 PlayStation Portable (PSP) Samantha 2:40 Jory Caron The PSP (which wasn't working) caught fire. Some parts melted, but the movie inside was salvaged. Bad Idea June 16, 2009
164 Flash paper + tinfoil Samantha 1:00 (plus 3:00) Jory Caron Tinfoil caused sparks which ignited the flash paper, making it vanish. Awesome Idea June 16, 2009
165 Silly String Samantha 20:00 Jory Caron The silly string can sat there, and the top melted. Boring Idea June 16, 2009
166 Gigantic mercury vapor light bulb Samantha - RET 6:00 (7:00 added) Jory Caron The bulb lit up the entire time, it heated up, yet it didn't pop like the first bulb microwaved! Good Idea June 17, 2009

Season 7 (2009-2010)[]

Number Item Microwave used Time Host Plot Outcome Upload date
167 Lexus Airbag with headlights and a decal trunk thing Summer - 10:00 Jory Caron At 9:58, the airbag deployed, destroying Summer in 3 short seconds. It also made the door fly off and break the tinfoil shield window. The headlights and hood ornament were shattered and on the floor around the lab. Maybe the plate had something to do with the explosion. Really Bad IdeaDon't try this at home. October 4, 2009
168 Glitter ball Penny 10:00 Jory Caron The ball leaked after a while, and looked like a bowl or a cup in the end. Glitter was also scattered all over the plate. Bad Idea October 7, 2009
169 Jiffy Pop Penny 3:33, 5:00 added, later popcorn cycle Jory Caron The pan sparked a little, but nothing happened to the popcorn. It was later put on its' side, and the tinfoil bulged, sparked and still nothing happened to the popcorn. Use it for the stove, okay? Bad Idea October 11, 2009
170 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Atari 2600 Penny 9:59 Jory Caron The game consoles smoked a little, and finally caught on fire after seven and a half minutes. Good Idea October 14, 2009
171 Fluorescent lights Penny 4:00 Jory Caron The lights lit up, then the small one died out. The big one died, then relived for a short while. In the end, both had cracks. Good Idea October 17, 2009
172 Drinking bird Penny "Poultry" setting (7:30) Jory Caron The bird sparked a little, then it's body shifted lower, he smoked and fell over and burned. He later moved around fast. Bad Idea October 21, 2009
173 Electric toothbrush Penny 4:10 Jory Caron The toothbrush sparked and it caught on fire. Bad Idea October 25, 2009
174 iPal Monster Penny 9:21 Jory Caron (dressed as a Halloween whore) The monster sparked, and it's *** caught on fire. Bad Idea October 29, 2009
175 Poop Penny Coffee, 4 cups (about 3:30) Jory Caron The poop caught on fire.
Flaming poop!
Sh*tty Idea November 1, 2009
176 Drum skins Penny 4:19 Jory Caron The drum skins sparked, and they caught fire, leaving behind the rings and some of the skin intact. Bad Idea November 5, 2009
177 Siren light Penny 5:05 Jory Caron The light died out, then it smoked and nothing else happened. Penny's circuit light also burst as well. Bad Idea November 7, 2009
178 Harmonica and ukulele Penny 5:00 Jory Caron Before they started, Riley did a big solo and finish on the ukulele, and put the smashed bits in the microwave. The harmonica sparked and it caught the ukulele remains on fire. Bad Idea November 12, 2009
179 iPhone Penny 6:66 Jory Caron The iPhone sparked a little, and it caught on fire, but didn't explode.
Before the experiment even started, Jory was going to trick Riley and microwave his good iPhone instead of the donated one.
Bad Idea November 15, 2009
180 Electronic cat Penny Pork, 2.5 lb Jory Caron The cat sparked, and then it caught fire on the middle, like cremating a cat. Bad Idea November 19, 2009
181 License plates Penny 1:95 Jory Caron The plates sparked, and then they almost welded. The New Hampshire/Massachusetts state is New Massachuschire! Bad Idea November 22, 2009
182 Toilet bowl Penny 3:33 Jonathan Paula (Jory as sidekick) The toilet sparked, and the top of it caught on fire, and melted. It looked like someone took a huge dump, and the toilet exploded. Flush Idea November 26, 2009
183 Liquid timer (puzzle) Penny 8:70 Jory Caron Something caught fire next to the timer, the timer hopped and fell over, and it squirted out. Bad Idea November 29, 2009
184 Inspector Gadget Penny 5:27 Jory Caron Gadget's cellphone chest lit up, and he caught on fire. Good Idea December 3, 2009
185 Sega Game Gear Penny - RET 19:92 Jory Caron The GameGear sparked, the screen lit up, until it finally caught fire.
This was Penny's last experiment, because she was black all over on the inside.
Good Idea December 6, 2009
186 Rubber ducks Cinnamon 6:90 (7:30 as displayed on microwave clock effect) Jory Caron Nothing happened at first, but then the ducks sank a little or melted, and one of them had a bubble butt. The ducks melted together, making them look like a five-headed monster. Good Idea December 10, 2009
187 Pipe cleaners Cinnamon 2:00 Jory Caron The pipe cleaners sparked the whole time. Christmas on the Fourth of July, folks! Ha Bisky! December 13, 2009
188 Polaroid camera Cinnamon - Baked potato Jory Caron The camera sparked, smoked, and finally caught fire. It let Cinnamon dying as well, making her the only microwave without a bad idea. Good Idea December 17, 2009
189 400w sodium bulb (Express episode) Candy 2:01 Jory Caron The bulb lit up throughout the experiment. Need we say more? Good Idea December 21, 2009
190 Tickle-me Elmo (Christmas episode) Candy 6:00 Jory Caron Elmo stopped laughing after a moment or two, his feet lit up, and his face caught on fire like Pikachu. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Good Idea December 24, 2009
191 LEGO bricks Candy - 4:00 Jory Caron The LEGOs warmed up the whole experiment, and the microwave died. Bad Idea December 27, 2009
192 Bottle of Gin Zelda 20:10 Jory Caron It stood still the whole experiment, and after over six minutes, the cap blew the door off, making the lab smell like gin, but no mess! Good Idea December 31, 2009
193 Toy Caterpillar Zelda 1/casserole, later 7:00 Jory Caron It lit up, then it stopped. It had either a seizure or took a ****, causing the ball to jump to his head. He metamorphosed into a butterfly, burped, expanded, went back to it's normal size. He strained, blackened, and had a little fart. He kept burping during the experiment, and farted big! By 4:31, it caught fire. Good Idea January 3, 2010
194 Padlock Zelda 3:49 Jory Caron Nothing much happened; it sparked for a moment, then heated up the rest of the experiment. Stupid Idea January 7, 2010 (MST3k-style commentary on same day)
195 TV Zelda - 19:40 Riley McIlwain (for real, this time!) Nothing happened at first, but then it started to smoke, and the TV was on fire inside out, it pooped itself off, and it finally caught fire by 13:42, and the microwave died, because the guys were too late to save Zelda. Another of the few microwaves that died but ended with a Good idea. Good Idea January 10, 2010
196 Mighty Putty Melissa 5:00 Jory Caron The Mighty Putty made the plate move, browned during the experiment, and made a really bad smell. Out of all bad smells, Mighty Putty easily takes the cake. Bad Idea January 14, 2010
197 Electric blanket Melissa 6:00 Jory Caron The blanket was getting brighter on the right side, but it was stuffed in Melissa like a Christmas ham. By the time it ended, the blanket caught fire. Bad Idea January 17, 2010
197½ Box Of Wine (viral video not created by Jory or Ideo/Jogwheel) Andrea (unofficially named by Jory) 4:16 Jory Caron (only for commentary) Using researched knowledge of the item being microwaved along with various clips from past episodes as visual evidence, Jory the microwave expert sets out to debunk a viral YouTube video that shows a box of wine exploding violently in a microwave.

Jory does not perform any new microwave experiments in this episode. He simply provides commentary on the viral video and compares it to past episodes of The Microwave Show.
It's Fake! January 19, 2010


Amplifier board Melissa 7:34 Jory Caron The board sparked, produced white smoke, causing the boys to cough. Then there was flame, and it was fluxing, ready to go back in time. Bad Idea January 21, 2010
199 Oust spray Melissa 5:00 Jory Caron The spray can's top melted, and the packaging was ruined. Aerosol cans are a disappointment. Sh*tty Idea January 24, 2010
200 146 flash bulbs Melissa 12:00 Jory Caron The bulbs lit very bright throughout the first two minutes. The pyramid ended up looking like a cube. Good Idea January 29, 2010
201 iPenguin Melissa 4:13 Jory Caron The penguin sparked, made a pop, had an orb of destruction on his butt, and had spontaneous combustion, so Riley put it out with the fire extinguisher. Good Idea February 1, 2010
202 NFL football Melissa 8:52 Jory Caron The football did nothing for a while, but later, it smoked. The ball was seaming, and it was punctured, all funny looking, and a burnt hole. During the experiment, Jon was thinking about masturbation. Bad Idea February 4, 2010
203 Neon flicker bulbs Melissa 2:13 Jory Caron The bulbs lit red, then purple and smoked, turned pink, and the big one died. The small one kept going, then died as well. Both had their glass melted in the end. Good Idea February 7, 2010
204 Magnets Melissa 3:69 Jory Caron The magnets didn't do much, but the rock made spinning very difficult for Melissa's plate. The magnets' coating chipped off a little, though. Bad Idea February 11, 2010
205 Bobblehead Melissa 5:00 Jory Caron 4-LOM smoked, and looked like he fell over to Jory. 4-LOM shifted a little, his head caught fire, and he fell over. He is now a tumor head! Good Idea February 14, 2010
206 RC truck Melissa Indy 5:00 Jory Caron The truck sparked a little bit, the front sparked a split-second, and caught fire, making the truck rear wheel drive, but the driver was burnt into oblivion. Bad Idea February 18, 2010
207 20 questions game Melissa 2:02 Jory Caron The guys asked the 20 Questions game ten questions. During the asking, it glowed red, smoked, and finally caught a lot of fire, considering how small that game was. Bad Idea February 22, 2010
208 Rocket engines Melissa "Food plate" setting Jory Caron The plate was stalled for ten seconds, giving Jory a chance to escape with nuts intact. The door was also jammed, so it couldn't kill the guys. After ten seconds, the microwave started, and after two seconds, the rocket engines crackled and exploded inside Melissa, breaking her plate to oblivion. Good Idea February 25, 2010
209 Calculators Melissa 80:08 Jory Caron The guys couldn't see much, due to the skid marks on Melissa's door. One of the calculators smoked, and in the end, both were bubbled, making them unusable. Bad Idea March 1, 2010
210 Copper wire and solder Melissa 2:34 Jory Caron The wire and solder sparked the whole time. After more than two minutes, Candy's replacement plate broke. Use a solder that isn't lead based if you want to microwave it, okay? Good Idea March 5, 2010
211 Voltage meters and capacitors Melissa - RET 3:00 Jory Caron The experiment sparked a little bit, and then it smoked. In the end, the voltage meters had little damage, and the capacitor was melted.
This was Melissa's last experiment.
Bad Idea March 8, 2010
212 Spinning firework Gladys - Two baked potatoes Jory Caron The firework did nothing at first, but by 5:50, the firework caught fire, shot flaming balls across the microwave, and smoke flew everywhere. The door caught fire, and the screen melted clear off. This experiment was fatal for Gladys. Bad Idea March 15, 2010
213 Green Spray Paint Erin - Two baked potatoes Jory Caron Erin was sprayed with green by Jory, before the experiment. In the actual experiment, the microwave lit up, and sparks shot from the bottom again! By 2:58, there was an explosion, but then extinguished itself. Riley hit potato again with a board, then a second explosion occurred by 8:42. Explosion 3 and 4 were edited out for time. They updated by removing the zip-tie, and a fifth explosion happened by 8:51. Erin survived all these explosions, but with the fifth explosion a fire caught the top of the microwave and eventually killed Erin. Good Idea March 19, 2010

Season 8 (2010)[]

Number Item Microwave used Time Host Plot Outcome Upload date
214 PlayStation 3 Sarah 9:33 Jory Caron The PlayStation 3 caught fire in there after about 7 minutes into the microwaving time. Riley put it out using the fire extinguisher (do note that Sarah already had a dimmed light from the start). Bad Idea May 7, 2010
215 Chain mail armor Sarah 5:00 Jory Caron The 2 pieces of Chain mail sparked throughout the experiment which eventually died down as the experiment came to and end. One of them kind of stayed in one-straight-piece. Jory thought the feeling of wearing some superheated steel would be a bad idea but his final verdict was a good idea as it could still protect his nuts. Good Idea May 11, 2010
216 Sunglasses Sarah 1:98 Jory Caron After placing the sunglasses in the microwave, it sparked and did not take long till it caught fire. Well it did sparked and flame with a Blue tint. After cleaning up the mess on the glass plate, The glass plate broke into half and one of the halves dropped and shattered on the floor. Good Idea May 14, 2010
217 Blowfish Sarah Fish & Seafood setting Jory Caron The blowfish did nothing at first, but did make an awful smell. It smoked, sank, and blew smoke. It then somehow sparked by the end. The experiment blew! Fishy if you ask Riley! Before it was microwaved, Riley suggested keeping it, because it scared Jon's dog Harley. Bad Idea May 17, 2010
218 Food coloring Sarah 4:00 Jory Caron After twelve seconds, the blue popped, followed by the green, and when the door was opened, Sarah was colored red, yellow, green and blue on the inside. Good Idea May 21, 2010
219 R2-D2 and C3PO Sarah :77 Jory Caron R2-D2 and C3PO sparked and smoked, until both eventually caught on fire. Good Idea May 24, 2010
220 Marshmallow Fluff Sarah 2:00 Jory Caron The Marshmallow Fluff didn't do much, it flowed out of the jar after thirty seconds, and it poured onto Sarah and the jar. Bad Idea May 28, 2010
221 George Foreman grill Sarah 5:00 Jory Caron The light on the grill lit up when the microwave started. The back of the grill caught on fire and melted a little. Jory and Riley made George Foreman jokes and mentioned Hulk Hogan a few times. Bad Idea June 1, 2010
222 Grill Brush Sarah - 5:31 Jory Caron The brush didn't do much at first, but then it sparked, smoked, and caught on fire. The flame was actually really big. Sarah was really lit up, and died, because Jon refused to let the experiment be called off early. If Jon had listened, Sarah would still be alive. Still, a Good idea but don't try this at home. Good Idea June 4, 2010
223 Pair of Crocs Margaret 6:66 Jory Caron Not much really happened except for the Crocs getting hot, so at 4:17, Jory added some tin foil. This made sparks, but still nothing happened. Jory set the microwave for 6:66 (7:06) because of his hatred for Crocs. This was Margaret's debut episode. Good Idea June 7, 2010
224 Smoke bombs and "bang" gun Margaret - 1:92 Jory Caron The Smoke bombs almost instantly went up in smoke, setting ablaze literally almost everything inside Margaret with quite an inferno! It died in a blaze of glory similarly to Sarah but nonetheless, still a Good idea. One of the few microwaves without a bad idea. Jory looked unsurprised that such a deadly experiment would kill her anyway. Good Idea June 11, 2010
225 ShamWow! Margaret II 8:08 Jory Caron Nothing much happened, though it made an interesting smell and the plastic melted.

Good Idea

June 16, 2010
226 Jon's Iron Margaret II 3:05 Jory Caron Ironically, this is Jon's old Iron they microwaved, the only item donated by the co-host so far. Nothing much happened though and to get more from it, Jory extended the timer and the iron then started burning and melting from the inside. Bad Idea June 19, 2010
227 Mondo drinks Margaret II 9:00 Jory Caron Three cans were placed, two with cap on and standing, the other one with cap off and on it's side. After a while both standing bottles fell over and the liquid bubbled over the plate. When the experiment was finished, the liquids were still bubbling. Bad Idea June 22, 2010
228 Staples Easy button Margaret II 5:68 Johnathan Paula (Jory as sidekick) The button glowed red, smoked, and it caught on fire. When opened, the button was all droopy.
This is the fourth episode Jonny hosted, and his first good idea.
Good Idea June 25, 2010
229 Happy Birthday helium balloon Margaret II 3:33 Jory Caron It popped,nearly opening the door,making the balloon shrink,ending the birthday episode. Good Idea June 31, 2010
230 The Statue of Liberty with Pop It Margaret II 7:76 Jory Caron Before the experiment began, Riley put POP IT! with Lady Liberty in the microwave. In the experiment, the box fell over, and the POP IT!s caught on fire on Lady Liberty, and her body smoked, and smoking is bad for your lungs! Good Idea July 2, 2010
231 Gathering Items Margaret II 4:30 Jory Caron For what was in the grab bag, click here. The pile of random crap flamed with purple and blue flames. The inside of the door melted clear off. Bad Idea July 4, 2010
232 Thermometer Margaret II 1:98 Jory Caron To put it in Margaret II, the thermometer was slanted at an angle. There was flame leftover from the grab bag, and alcohol dripped out which ignited. It also made Jory, Riley and Jon "lose" their minds. Bad Idea July 9, 2010
233 Cold pack Margaret II "Frozen vegetable" (2:37) Jory Caron The bag expanded, then smoked and deflated. After being taken out, the liquid it left on the microwave plate turned solid, and snapped a piece of it off. This made Jory rethink the "goodness" of the experiment, turning it into a sh*tty idea. Way to ruin it, cold pack! Bad Idea July 12, 2010
234 VidCon 2010 Justine - RET :69 (fan suggestion) Jonathan Paula, Jory Caron and Riley McIlwain The bulbs lit up, then one popped. Eventually, the last bulb burst as well. Good Idea July 17, 2010
235 Laser Pointers Margaret II 4:00 Jory Caron There was sparkage, then smoke. One of the lasers caught on fire, and the door distorted a little. Afterwards, one or two of them still worked. Goodish Idea July 20, 2010
236 Bag of Goo Margaret II 4:00 (secretly instead of 3:00) Jory Caron First there was nothing. After Jory turned it over, the bag very quickly produced a spark which sets the bag on fire. Part of the microwave melted off, and the bag of goo was opened. Jesus also blessed the bag of goo in the microwave! Bad Idea July 30, 2010
237 Klondike Bar Margaret II 6:90 Jory Caron It was microwaved while still sealed. First the seal sparkled a bit, after that the bar melted. Bad Idea August 2, 2010
238 Nintendo Wii Margaret II 7:11 Jory Caron The Wii sparked caught flames, first from the inside, later the Wii was on fire everywhere and bursted in combustion, letting Margaret II die in the process, with 3:31 left on the clock.
The experiment was followed by a miracle: Margaret II came alive again while cleaning her, ready to fight another day.
Holy Idea August 6, 2010
239 Electric Fan Saint Margaret II 4:00 Jory Caron The fan sparked, and white came from the bottom of the microwave. The fan smoked and caught on fire. The fan, when out of Saint Margaret II, looked fine, only blacker. Also in this episode, Margaret II died, and came back to life, for the second time. Good Idea August 9, 2010
240 Medicine bottle Saint Margaret II 7:86 Jory Caron A piece of tin foil was added in the experiment where it sparked a bit. With nearly 5 minutes left on the clock, the medicine bottle burst, rocketed and propelled itself, forcing the door open. Bad Idea August 13, 2010
241 Fairy wand and glowsticks Saint Margaret II 6:00 Jory Caron The fairy wand was lit, the other all unlit. glowed from purple to pink, then went off. A yellow glowstick moved, and glowing **** was left on the wall. All glowsticks and the fairy wand went out, and Jory purposefully broke one of the glowsticks. Bad Idea August 16, 2010
242 Gold Saint Margaret II - RET 4:90 Jory Caron The gold, along with bronze, copper and another metal sparked, and caused a small fire in the teeth. The fire spreaded out and shortly after the entire inside of the microwave was on fire. With 2:02 left Saint Margaret II died for the THIRD TIME. Yet again, she came back to life. Bad Idea August 21, 2010

Season 9 (2010-2011)[]

Number Item Microwave used Time Host Plot Outcome Upload date
243 Dry Ice Bomb Marissa 10:00 Jory Caron At first, nothing happened to the bomb. It soon went off with an explosion, making the microwave door fly off and hurt Marrisa, but it remained operable. The cap flew off, and the bottle was deformed. After the experiment, Jory and Riley poured dry ice from a box into a cauldron of water, making witches' brew. Good Idea October 29, 2010
244 Galileo Thermometer Marissa 7:00 Jory Caron The outer flask broke, but it didn't do anything else to the inner balls, they were still intact. Also: Marissa's light turned off while microwaving. Bad Idea November 1, 2010
245 ZhuZhu pets Marissa - 5:55 Jory Caron The pets went off with popping sounds. The guys saw the pets sparking, but because of Marissa's broken light, the guys decided to swap her out. Good Idea November 5, 2010
246 Electric Razors Cindy 5:00 Jory Caron The razors caught fire, but still worked somehow! Bad Idea November 8, 2010
247 Time Machine Cindy - 19:55 Jonny Paula The wheels melted and the car got destroyed, plus the windshield was out of place. Nice touch for Marty, though. Even though the door was open, Cindy's plate was still moving! Holy **** another zombie microwave!!!! *creepy laughter* Bad Idea November 12, 2010
248 Popcorn (Unbagged) Esmerelda 8:00 Jory Caron The eight un-bagged popcorn took a while to go, but as soon as Jory added more time (5:00?), it started to pop. Popcorn was coming out of the microwave as it was opened. The popcorn came out burnt and crunchy. Bad Idea November 15, 2010
249 Harry Potter Figurine w/ Candles Esmeralda 6:66 Jory Caron The candles caught Harry on fire, and blackened the inside of Esmeralda. Bad Idea November 19, 2010
250 Orange Esmeralda 3:00 Jory Caron This experiment was made to honor the annoying orange. The result pretty much put a hole in the bottom of the orange. All the juice squirted out. The orange also helped clean Esmeralda after. And it smells like orange juice!
This was one of the few surprise items for season 9.
Good Idea November 22, 2010
251 Whipped Cream Esmeralda 20:00 Jory Caron Before experiment, whipped cream was on Esmeralda's plate and door. Some of it got on Jon. After 14 minutes in the experiment, there was sparking, and fire too! Something blew up as well. Really delicious, why even bother microwave it? No way, bad idea! Bad Idea November 26, 2010
252 Smoke detector Esmeralda 4:44 Jory Caron The smoke detector began sparking, then after a while, it caught fire. The fire eventually extinguished itself, then after several seconds, the fire reignited. Bad Idea November 29, 2010
253 Twilight Figurines Esmeralda - 78:00 Jory Caron At first nothing happened, but produced steam. Suddenly, both Edward and Bella spontaneously combusted, then the fire went out a bit, then occurred again like the smoke detector.
First appearance of the Jory Caron Laboratory 3.1. They added a new light!
Good Idea December 3, 2010
254 Flip camera Penelope 4:00 Jory Caron (Jon as sidekick) The episode began to reveal Esmeralda died last episode. She was replaced by Penelope Panasonic.
The Flip camera sparked a little, then smoked and caught on fire. It fell over after a little less than a minute.
Bad Idea December 6, 2010
255 Silly Bandz Penelope 7:77 Jory Caron The Silly Bandz sparked and caught on fire, the sparking caused by remains of the ****** Flip camera. They became white and looked like bird ****. Good Idea December 13, 2010
256 Lava Lamp (again) Penelope 19:76 Jory Caron This experiment was revisited in season 9 for the 1080p quality.
Jory duct-taped the top of the bottle to reinforce it a little bit. A light bulb was added as well. At first, nothing happened other than the bulb glowing, but when the lava lamp exploded, after more than 12 minutes, it busted open the door, splattered "lava" all over the place and poor Penelope and a piece of glass went through one of the lights, hitting the house. Just a re-microwaving.
Really Bad Idea December 15, 2010
257 Tampons Penelope 3:00 Jory Caron Before experiment even began, Jory and Riley were cleaning Penelope from the lava lamp explosion five days ago.
The tampons did nothing for a while, then spontaneously combusted. They looked like fake cigarettes after the experiment
Bad Idea December 20, 2010
258 Christmas Tree Penelope 3:00 (for the ghosts of Christmas past) Jory Caron The tree sparked and glowed. It smoked and caught fire like Elmo and the disco ball did, both past Christmas specials. The tree was flatter, like a Christmas tree on a wall. Good Idea December 22, 2010
259 Barney the Dinosaur Penelope 9:00 Jory Caron Barney somewhat smoked and his *** caught on fire, so did the rest of him. When emerged, he looked burnt and white cotton was exposed, like Pikachu. Barney also split into pieces. Bad idea, but at least he's dead for being annoying!
This episode contained a special Oompa-Loompa parody intro.
Bad Idea December 27, 2010
260 Box of Wine Penelope 26:00 Jory Caron The video was postponed from Wednesday to Early Thurdsay. For twenty whole minutes, nothing happened, but warmed up.
The episode was released with a bonus video, of Jory throwing a bag at a rock. Wunderbar!
Bad Idea December 30, 2010
261 Hourglass Penelope 3:00 Jory Caron Fire occurred next to the hourglass, and it smoked. Later, the hourglass broke. Bad Idea January 3, 2011
262 Fire alarm Penelope 5:49 Jory Caron The alarm lit up and caught fire. It also smoked inside Penelope and broke the plate. Jeez, how many experiments will catch on fire? Ironic Idea January 5, 2011
263 Magic grow animals Penelope 6:00 Jory Caron Nothing happened, at all. When opened, it smoked and the turtles melted, looking a little like Play-Doh. Boring Idea January 10, 2011
264 Car Battery Penelope 15:01 Jory Caron It was finally microwaved to hopefully shut up everybody about doing it. The big old battery spun in circles and after 14 minutes, nothing happened. After 20 more minutes, still nothing. Hooray for dull experiments, fans! Will you shut up about it already?!? Bad Idea January 12, 2011
265 Ammonia Inhalants Penelope 8:00 Jory Caron Within the first two minutes, a few of the smelling salts popped. Afterwards, Jory ended up popping a few more. The smell was very strong.
This episode came with a bonus video of Jory, Riley, and Jon smelling the smelling salts for the first time.
Good Idea January 17, 2011
266 Shotgun microphone Penelope 5:00 Jory Caron The microphone caught fire, but looked fine when the experiment ended.
This episode came with a bonus video of Riley flicking Jory in the nuts with the microphone.
Bad Idea January 19, 2011
267 Duct tape Penelope 4:30 Jory Caron The roles of duct tape melted a bit and made it stickier and warm. Good Idea January 24, 2011
268 Old Spice Body Wash Penelope 5:90 Riley McIlwain
(Jory as sidekick)
The episode parodies Old Spice Body Wash commercials.
The microwave mysteriously glowed green, and the bottle didn't fare damage at all. The inside of Penelope was a mix of blood, semen and Avatar puke. Still, a good idea!
Good Idea January 26, 2011
269 Xenon light bulb Penelope 9:09 Jory Caron The light bulb sparked and glowed a bit of red. Unlike past light bulbs, this didn't do anything. Worst light bulb experiment ever! Bad Idea January 31, 2011
270 Bottle of beer Penelope - RET 45:00 Jory Caron The light was left on for this episode. Even with it on, they still could not see in Penelope. (Why couldn't they just clean her?!) On 39:50 the top blew off, causing smoke (or steam or both). Beer also spilled out, but if there was no duct tape, it probably wouldn't have killed anyone. It smelled like Swagger and beer, though.
This episode contained the same Oompa-Loompa intro as seen from episode #259.
Bad Idea February 2, 2011

Season 10 (2011)[]

Number Item Microwave used Time Host Plot Outcome Upload date
271 Bottle Of Champagne Rapunzel 20:00 Jory Caron During the entire run the bottle rolled through the microwave. Also: the tin foil wrapped around the cork sparked. At 13:58 the glass shattered, forcing the microwave door open. Bad Idea April 19, 2011
272 Safety Vests Rapunzel 4:39 Jory Caron This experiment had to be done twice as nothing happened the first time. The guys added a lighter to it, which lit the vest on fire. Bad Idea April 20, 2011
273 Baby Food Rapunzel 8:00 Jory Caron The baby food popped up and fell. The interior of the microwave smoked, and the baby food came out like liquid. It also made a mess of the microwave. Bad Idea April 21, 2011
274 Airbag Beth - 10:00 Jory Caron It appeared Jory didn't learn his lesson after the original airbag episode (167) when he avoided death at the hands of Summer's death. He did it again at the viewers' request, and to push his luck!
The episode was set in the Jory Caron Field of Destruction 2.0.
Riley plugged in Beth, and the airbag went off. This time, they actually expected it! It destroyed Beth almost completely, but the guys repaired her, kinda. NEVER do this at home!
Great Idea, but don't try this at home. April 22, 2011
275 Pencils at Playlist Live Felicia - RET 4:00 Jory Caron This episode was done live with a crowd at Playlist live. The pencils started to catch fire. After another minute, it started to smoke more and since there was no use to put out the fire, Jory ended up using his shirt to extinguish the fire. The crowd decided on a good idea, but Jory decided to make it a sketchy idea. Sketchy April 23, 2011
276 Hookah Rapunzel 4:20 Jory Caron This episode marked Rapunzel's return. Nothing happened, at all. But it did smoke and heat up a little. Hooray for boring experiments! Bad Idea April 24, 2011
277 Easter Bunny Rapunzel - RET 3:33 Jory Caron The first (and only) Easter special of the series.
There was some trouble fitting in the basket and candy. The chocolate bunny melted due to the heat, and the peeps expanded like in episode #15. Also, the basket mutated. It was a delicious smell, but looked like diarrhea. No way, why would you microwave it?
Bad Idea April 25, 2011
278 Carrot Gabriele Fresh vegetable setting Jory Caron The carrot started to spin, the interior got slightly darker. When wrapped in tinfoil, there was sparkage. The carrot also got squishy. Carrots suck! Bad Idea April 27, 2011
279 Mannequin Head Gabrielle 6:66 Jory Caron Uploaded on the day Osama bin Laden died. The guys had trouble fitting the head in the microwave, but once they did, they set the time for 6:66. The head turned, and it somehow burned and smoked. When opened, the face looked ugly and melted deep. What is wrong with your face?! Bad Idea May 2, 2011
280 Acer tablet computer Gabrielle 7:45 Jory Caron Not much happened, but it smoked a lot. The computer was ruined when taken out. Bad Idea May 4, 2011
281 Bag of Chips Gabrielle Potato setting Jory Caron Revisit from season two.
Like last time, the bag of chips sparked and shrunk in size. They also ripped the bag open to try some chips. First true good idea of season 10.
Good Idea May 9, 2011
282 Make-Up Gabrielle 3:00 Jory Caron The foundation melted and smoked in the microwave. They also ran the experiment through its full time, and it made a mess of the plate. Good Idea May 11, 2011
283 Simon Says Gabrielle 7:84 Jonny Paula The game spun around and lit up, smoked, and suddenly burst into flames post-experiment. Simon says, I'm dead! Jon and Riley argued if it was good or bad, so it's a good idea, who cares? Good Idea May 16, 2011
284 Sega Genesis and Atari Game Gabrielle 4:00 Jory Caron The Atari Game was partly revisited from season five.
The game console and Atari game spun around, sparked, smoked and caught fire. It was put out with the fire extinguisher. Useless, good idea!
Good Idea May 18, 2011
285 Toothpaste Gabrielle 2:30 Jory Caron Revisit from season one.
The toothpaste tube fell, and not much happened afterward. It smelled like a lemon bomb, and make a light blue gooey mess. Great idea!
Good Idea May 23, 2011
286 Slap Chop Gabrielle 5:00 Jory Caron The Slap Chop spontaneously combusted, and made black smoke. With her sixth good idea in a row, Gabby kicks Sandra's ass! Good Idea May 25, 2011
287 Airsoft Gun Gabrielle - 5:00 Jory Caron The gun smoked and caught fire. Poor Gabby died. Bad Idea May 30, 2011
288 Gasoline Rapunzel - 4:80 Jory Caron Rapunzel's return only resulted in her last experiment for good!
The tinfoil made the interior of Rapunzel spark, and the gas burst into flames a few times. Oh, and Rapunzel died, her one and only good idea; but not recommended! Never do this at home.
Good Idea June 1, 2011
289 Twilight and Highlighters Gina 4:00 Jory Caron The highlighters are revisited from season three.
The pink highlighter popped, and the yellow one later did too. The pages of the book? Some of them got touched.
Good Idea June 7, 2011
290 Baby Diaper Gina - 4:51 Riley McIlwain Because of the tinfoil the diaper caught fire. Despite it, they claimed the experiment boring. Also, Gina died, another one gone! Good Idea June 9, 2011
291 Cigarettes Shelley 2:00 hand smoke Jory Caron The cigarettes caught fire and smoked (cigarettes smoke, what else would they do?) and the fans were turned on. Good Idea June 14, 2011
292 Mouthwash (Listerine brand) Shelley 4:53 Jory Caron There was sparking, the liquid bubbled. The bottle did leak post experiment. Good Idea June 15, 2011
293 Bra Shelley - RET 3:40 Jory Caron The bra spun around on the turntable, and it shifted a lot. The foam in the bra expanded. Then the bra flipped over after Jory added 3:00. There was sparking, it caught fire and it went out. Shelley retired with three experiments, but why didn't they clean her? The second six-good ideas streak ended. Good Idea June 20, 2011
294 Bacon Emily 8:08 Jory Caron The plastic was kept on, and the bag enlarged. The lab smelled like breakfast. This broke the second-longest streak of good ideas, tied with Gabby's 281 to 286. Bad Idea June 22, 2011
295 Aerosol Can in cooking oil Emily 9:99 Jory Caron Once again, another hope for an Aerosol boom.
Cooking oil was needed for a big boom, unlike previous aerosol cans (sans Axe Body Spray, which actually exploded). After some time, there was a boom. It was not too big, but so powerful that it blew open the door, which was taped up. It also splashed oil in Emily. The aerosol can vanished, but was found under the lab.
Good Idea June 29, 2011
296 Justin Bieber Doll Emily - 7:77 Jory Caron Justin melted, and he didn't catch fire, but somehow killed Emily.
Damn you Justin Bieber! There was no reason for Emily's death, but couldn't she have come back to life? No. It seems Emerson microwaves aren't holy after all. But what could have made St. Margaret II come back to life...?
Good Idea July 1, 2011
297 Shake Weight Heather 5:32 Jory Caron The Shake Weight sparked and it got stuck in Heather. It then smoked and caught fire. Jory took it out WHEN IT WAS STILL ON FIRE!!! Good Idea July 6, 2011
298 Microwave Detector Heather 2:98 Jory Caron Perhaps one of the most radioactive items ever microwaved. The detector glowed and then stopped. It soon smoked and burned. Heather's clock stopped at 40 seconds, but why? The interior was severely blackened. Good Idea July 11, 2011
299 Firework Mortar Heather - 30:00 Jory Caron Part one of the series finale. Based in the Jory Caron Field of Destruction 3.0, not 2.0 due to fears of destroying Jon's home.
Other killed microwaves joined Heather, Jory, Jon, Riley and Ryan for one last time. The guys had to hide behind the truck to avoid getting in the danger zone. When trying the string, the microwave just stopped. Jory did it again by hand, and did not lose either. The mortar exploded, killing Heather and damaging the other pre-dead microwaves as well. They really went out with a bang! Bad idea, but pretty awesome!
Bad Idea July 13, 2011
300 Propane Tank Shelley - 30:00 Jory Caron Part two of the series finale, and officially the last episode of the show.
Jory placed a propane tank in Shelley, for her very last experiment. He also placed some other experiments from seasons past in and around her. He covered everything with gasoline. Shortly after the start there was some fire, but it went out again. After a while some fireworks ignited forcing open the door, then the propane ignited setting the entire pyramid on fire. The guys also shooted some guns to the fire for some extra spectacle and lots of fire extinguishers were used to extinguish the fire. Shelley's door even melted off at the end. The microwave show really ended with a bang, a burn and a good idea too! Seriously, DO NOT attempt at home!
Good Idea July 18, 2011

Season 11 (2011-2015)[]

Number Item Microwave used Time Host Plot Outcome Upload date
300½ Flash paper and tin foil (not counted) Gretchen - RET Unknown Jory Caron The flash paper caught fire. Good Idea Never uploaded by Jon, however it was filmed and uploaded by other YouTubers.
301 Gas Covered Christmas Trees Rhianna - 12:25 Jory Caron There was sparkage, then smoke. There was fire, and Rhianna and the trees burned to the ground, thanks to some tweaking of plans. Unfortunatley, the microwave died because of the fire & she burned away. Good Idea December 21, 2011
302 Samsung Galaxy Phone Ivanka 6:00 Jory Caron The phone was cooked with the microwave manual. It smoked, after which Jory jammed the door by using the grill. A whistling sound was heard and only a few seconds later the phone caught fire. Good Idea April 4, 2012
303 Two Light Bulbs at Playlist Live Phyllis - RET Express Cook Jory Caron The lights lit up. They didn't explode though. Good Idea June 3, 2012
304 Eyeballs Ivanka 2:00 Jory Caron Tealights were placed in the corners of the microwave cavity and two quils of a porcupine were put into the eyeballs. Finally Riley's fake mustache was added. Only a few seconds in the experiment this content flashed and in the remaining time the eyeballs cooked and plasma was formed now and then. The eyeball goop ended over the inside of the microwave door. Good Idea October 28, 2012
305 Santa Claus Ivanka - 8:00

Jory Caron

The experiment was microwaved with a miniature Christmas tree. A small fire occured, which eventually shut off Ivanka in the middle of the microwaving. Good Idea December 24, 2012
306 Potato Chips and Matchbox at Playlist Live

Unknown GE Turntable    -RET

1:19 Jory Caron

It was pretty neat looking, but its kind of dangerous when you dont have the shielding to protect from escaping gases.

Matches let of a bright glow.

Good Idea June 21, 2013

Geek Week (Stress Ball)

Khloé 5:00 Jory Caron

Ivanka was going to be used, but died right before microwaving. Ball ripped, pooped out white goo. Khloe tore him a new one! The first Bad Idea of the Bonus season, and also the end of the longest good idea streak ever, tied with Penny, Cinnamon, and Candy's streak from 184-190.

Bad Idea August 6, 2013
308 Magic Microphone Khloé 3:24 Jory Caron Sparked and caught on fire in the inside. Melted. Bad Idea August 6, 2013 (Prerelease)

May 12, 2014 (Public)

309 Ping Pong Balls at Playlist Live! Eileen - RET 4:54 Jory Caron Ping pong balls incinerated. Good Idea November 22, 2014 (Live)

December 6, 2014 (YouTube)

310 Mannequin (Series Finale) Khloé - likely RET 3:53 Jory Caron Nicolas Cage (in the form of a Mannequin) was microwaved. Metal sparked from his left knee joint. The sparks ignited the wood mannequin and set him ablaze until he fell over. Poor Mr. Cage ended up burnt to a crisp. Bad Idea August 15, 2015