Lifespans of Microwaves used on the show. During the show's early days, lifespans were longer, but as the experiments got more dangerous, microwaves died more frequently.

This is a list of all the microwaves that were used during the show's run. Descriptions for the microwaves can be found here.

Lifespans of Microwaves used on the show. Originally lifespan was reducing to what could only have been increasing severity of experiments, now however the lifespans are reducing because they are retired becuase of being too dirty than having actually broken.


No Picture Name Brand First experiment Last experiment Number of experiments Notes Ultimate fate


Unnamed Unnamed Sharp #1 - Light bulb #18 - Moist Towelette 18 Found in the halls of Emerson College, used for the first experiments. First microwave to retire. Graduated from microwave school


Diane Diane Sharp #19 - Light bulb, toothpaste, soy sauce #44 - Dynamite 26 Diane was not named until #30. Diane is the longest lasting microwave, the first microwave to appear in the spotlights again after she got retired, and the only microwave detonated. Her detonation was her retirement, but she returned for the special microwave a microwave. Retired with a bang
3 Sandra Sandra Sharp #45 - Eggs, soap, lighter #62 - Microwave 18 Sandra's death is notable. Firstly, it's the first microwave death, and secondly, the experiment that was fatal for her was microwaving Diane's remains. Sandra had the best good idea streak with 5 but she was beaten by Gabriele in season 10 Lost fight with Diane
4 Helga Helga Sharp #63 - Shaving cream #77 - Fireworks 15 So far, Helga is the only microwave to be carried over to another season, going from mid-Season 3 to the first two episodes of Season 4. She is also the first microwave to be introduced in the middle of the season. Helga also holds the record for most bad ideas ever (13 out of 15 of her experiments were bad ideas). Played with fireworks and died screaming
5 Lacey Lacey G.E. #78 - Bubble gum #102 - Mac laptop 25 Save for Helga's final two experiments, Lacey's tenure covers all of Season 4. She was the first non-Sharp brand microwave used on the show. Her retirement montage was in funeral theme.

Betrayed by Jory
6 5620 136991328091 95793693091 3301273 86040 n Vanessa G.E. #103 - Jack-o-lantern filled with ping-pong balls #104 - Obama & McCain 2 Vanessa's first episode was also Riley's first episode. Obviously, Riley lasted longer. She is the first microwave to never have a good idea. Committed suicide after voting
7 5620 136991593091 95793693091 3301314 7147446 n Tracy Sharp #105 - Inhaler #120 - Digital camera 16 Tracy marked Jory and Jon's return to Sharp Carousel territory. The episode in which she died was hosted by Jonny, making Tracy his first microwave kill. Tracy was the first black microwave ever used on the show and the first which died in an experiment Jon hosted. Killed (by Jon)
8 5620 136991653091 95793693091 3301323 7971782 n Whoopi Panasonic #121 - Disco ball #133 - Spray paint 13 So named because of her lack of eyebrows/resemblance to comedienne Whoopi Goldberg. Her safety feature kept turning her off when she got too hot so they pulled the plug on her and declared her dead. She and Jasmine were killed in the same episode, and were the first microwaves to be killed by a "Good Idea". Took the easy way out
9 Jasmine, Jasmine G.E. #133 - Spray paint #133 - Spray paint 1 In the show's first (and only, thus far) two-microwave-experiment , Jasmine was brought in from the reserves to finish the job that Whoopi started in #133. Originally dubbed "Lexi", the guys settled on naming her after "easily the hottest Disney [character]". She is both the first single-experiment microwave and shares the honor, with Whoopi, of being the first microwave to be killed by a "Good Idea". Inhaled too many spray paint fumes
10 Susan Susan Sharp #134 - XBOX 360 #134 - XBOX 360 1 Continuing the "quick death" trend set by Jasmine before her, Susan lasted a single experiment. However, Jory and company didn't know she died until the next experiment, the Hannah Montana pen, was attempted, leading to some mid-episode drama. She shares a name with Riley's mother. Red ring of death
11 Beatrice Beatrice Sharp #135 - Hannah Montana singing pen #136 - Lithium Polymer battery 2 The third in a three-part series of incredibly short-lived microwaves, Beatrice outdid Jasmine and Susan by surviving one experiment (only to die after the next one). Surprisingly, she is the only microwave to have a "Deadly Idea". Deadly poisoned
12 Jackie Jackie G.E. #137 - Projector lamp #155 - Slot machine 19 Jackie was the longest-lasting microwave of season 6. No lucky seven
13 Samantha Samantha Samsung #156 - Big mouth billy bass #166 - Gigantic mercury light bulb 11 Samantha survived two Fourth of July-themed experiments and a mercury light bulb. Retired after a tough career
14 Summer Summer G.E. #167 - Air bag #167 - Air bag 1 Summer met her match with the Lexus air bag, which deployed and blew up the microwave in a record time of 2 seconds. The microwave door literally was blown off from the hinges. Wasn't wearing her seat belt
15 Penny Penny Panasonic #168 - Glitter ball #185 - Sega Game Gear 18 Penny is the fifth microwave to be retired, and the first microwave to get a true retirement montage. (Lacey also got a montage for her retirement, but it used the funeral montage music.) Retired due to severely blackened interior
16 Cinnamon Cinnamon Sharp #186 - Rubber ducks #188 - Polaroid camera 3 Cinnamon is the first microwave in the history of the show to both survive multiple experiments and never have a "Bad Idea", and the only microwave to have a "Ha Bisky!" idea. She and Gladys were twin stripper sisters. Killed by the paparazzi
17 Candy, Candy Chefmate #189 - 400w sodium bulb #191 - Lego bricks 3 Her introduction was in the first (and only) express episode. She died in the Lego bricks episode, because of the absence of moisture. Microwaves work by heating up molecules from liquids (especially water). The Lego bricks had none, which was fatal for Candy. Cooked herself
18 Zelda Kenmore #192 - Bottle of gin #195 - Television 4 Zelda was donated to the guys by Geoffrey Jones, who also named her Zelda and donated her first experiment, the bottle of gin used for her "christening". She died in one of very few Riley-hosted episodes, bringing Riley's microwave death count to 1 along with Jon's 1 and Jory's 11. Fallen star
19 Melissa Melissa GoldStar #196 - Mighty Putty #211 - Capacitors & Voltage Meter 16 It was discovered in #208 that Melissa has a "food plate" setting - a setting which allows for a brief delay in microwaving, and therefore, a chance for Jory to escape with his nuts intact. Retired and saved from fiery finale
20 Gladys Gladys Sharp #212 - Spinning Firework #212 - Spinning Firework 1 Gladys was Cinnamon's twin sister. The middle of the door melted off "like an onion." Succumbed to 3rd degree burns while stripping
21 Erin Erin G.E. #213 - Green Spray Paint #213 - Green Spray Paint 1 With five explosions, a fire, and Riley breaking the door off, Erin died. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Never woke up after St. Patrick's Day
22 Sarah Sarah Sharp #214 - PlayStation 3 #222 - Grill Brush 9 Her original name, Shaniqua, was too complicated for Jon to spell, so Jory decided to call her Sarah. In her first experiment Sarah already had a dimmed light. According to Jory, Sarah was a shape-shifter, which is why she suffered from multiple personalities, including one apparently male personality. Died Honorably in battle
23 Margaret Margaret Sharp #223 - Crocs #224 - Smoke Bombs 2 She only lasted for 2 experiments and was eventually smoked and torched by some smoke bombs. But on the lighter note, Like Cinnamon, she was one of the few microwaves to go through multiple experiments, and not have any bad ideas. Jory didn't seem shocked at Margaret's death. Suffocated to death
24 Margaret II Saint Margaret II Emerson #225 - ShamWow! #242 - Gold
(sans #234 - Vidcon)
17 Named after her Sharp Carousel predecessor. The inner glass of the door was melted clean off after frying a load of old junk but despite the inflicted damage on the microwave, she is still operable enough for the coming episodes. Later her plate broke as well and part of the inside melted off. Margaret II has proven that she is really quite a holy microwave. She died in the Wii, fan, and gold experiments, but came alive again all three times! Saved from death by god.
25 Justine Justine Sharp[1] #234 - Vidcon #234 - Vidcon 1 Justine was used for the guys' VidCon performance. She was named after popular YouTube star iJustine. After the VidCon performance, she was dumped on the curb while she was still operable. Retired after the performance
26 Marissa Marissa Kenmore #243 - Dry Ice Bomb #245 - ZhuZhu pets 3 She is the first microwave to die neither while microwaving or failing to turn back on. Her light broke on her second experiment with the Galileo thermometer and after the next experiment where they microwaved ZhuZhu pets the guys decided to swap her out. Brain death
27 Cindy Cindy Sunbeam #246 - Electric Razors #247 - Time Machine 2 Cindy is the first Microwave to be declared undead! While Jon was hosting the "Time Machine" Episode, Cindy was turned off. However, her plate continued to spin, even when the door was open. Crippled for life
28 Esmeralda Esmeralda Sharp #248 - Unbagged Popcorn #253 - Twilight Figurines 6 Esmeralda is the second microwave to die before the next experiment (after Susan). This time the guys heard her dying (a "click" was heard). It is unknown if this was because of her age (she was a quite old microwave) or because of her last experiment with the Twilight figurines. Most likely, that if you're exposed to radiation, you will die! The smoke detector was radioactive, so it must be what caused Esmeralda to die after the Twilight figurines, and before the Flip camera episode even began, and like the Hannah Montana pen, it led to another case of mid-episode drama, only this time, at the start of the episode. The two pictures show her with her panel and without her panel which peeled of in the Smoke Detector episode. Passed away.
29 Penelope Penelope Panasonic #254 - Flip Camera #270 - Bottle of beer 17 Penelope replaced Esmeralda before the experiment even started. In the Lava-Lamp episode, she had a holy explosion and survived! After the Old Spice episode, Jon commented that the inside of her looks like a cesspool of blood, semen and Avatar puke. She finished off this season drunk after microwaving a bottle of beer. Retired drunk
30 Rapunzel Rapunzel G.E.

All experiments.

#271 - Champagne
#272 - Safety Vests
#273 - Baby Food
#276 - Hookah
#277 - Easter Bunny (retired)
#288 - Gasoline (dead)

6 Rapunzel is the first G.E. Turntable since Erin in part 2 of the Season Seven Finale. She was spared from death from the airbag revisit. She is the only microwave in the history of the show to be "un-retired". She returned after Gabrielle's death for episode 288, in which she survived several bursts of fire but ultimately died. In her six experiments, she had only one Good Idea, her final episode. Un-retired to be killed
31 Beth Beth GoldStar #274 - Another Airbag #274 - Another Airbag 1 The guys felt that they couldn't put Rapunzel (and themselves) in the harm zone, so a more seasoned microwave was used. Hasn't learned anything from Summer.
32 FeliciaPlaylistLive2011 Felicia Sharp #275 - Playlist Live Special #275 - Playlist Live Special 1 She was the microwave for the Playlist Live special. Retired because she was no longer needed.
33 Gabriele Gabrielle GoldStar #278 - Carrot #287 - Airsoft Gun 10 The second GoldStar used in season 10. Kicked Sandra's butt for having the longest good idea streak for a microwave, with six. However: she could not enjoy this honor for long as she died in the next experiment. Gabrielle was the first microwave since Lacey that Jory said "She's the love of my life." Gunned down and burned to death
34 Gina Gina G.E. #289 - Twilight and Highlighters #290 - Diaper 2 The second G.E. Turntable used in season 10 and also the second one to be killed by Riley. Gina even came with her own instruction manual. Couldn't hold "it" in
35 Shelley Shelley GoldStar #291 - Cigarettes #293 - Bra (retired)
#300 Propane Tank (dead)
4 Twin sister of Gabrielle. Also the third GoldStar used in season 10. Also known as Shelley the Smoker. Also was last white microwave and last microwave in the show Fired out the series.
36 Emily Emily Emerson #294 - Bacon #296 - Justin Bieber 3 Emily is the second Emerson used on the show, after Saint Margaret II. Unlike Saint Margaret II Emily died and could not be resurrected. Her death is really pathetic, as the object which was her demise, didn't even catch fire! Died at a Bieber concert.
37 Heather, Heather Hamilton Beach #297 - Shake Weight #299 - Firework Mortar 3 She was the first Hamilton Beach microwave used on the show and also the first one Jon had ever seen. Exploded and destroyed
38 Rhianna 1080p Rhianna Rival #301 - Gas Covered Christmas Trees #301 - Gas Covered Christmas Trees 1 Rhianna, the first official post-season 10 microwave, was used for the 2011 Christmas Special. Although she had no funeral montage, you can clearly hear Jory say "I'd say the microwave's not working anymore." It just seems that Jon forgot to make Rhianna a funeral montage. Rhianna is the first microwave since Vanessa which died and did not get a montage. Overdosed on Christmas Cheer
39 Ivanka Ivanka Magic Chef

All experiments.

#302 - Samsung Galaxy Phone
#304 - Eyeballs
#305 - Santa Claus

3 The first brand new microwave used on the show, Jory stated Ivanka as a classy girl. Ivanka was the first microwave to have a box and the second to have a manual since Gina. When Jory started her for the Stress Ball experiment (#307), Ivanka died. Slipped into a deep sleep
40 Bam Phyllis G.E. #303 - Two Light Bulbs at Playlist Live #303 - Two Light Bulbs at Playlist Live 1 She was the microwave for the Playlist Live 2012 performance and retired after that. Gave a good performance.
Khloé Kenmore #307 - Stress Ball #310 - Mannequin 4 She is the biggest microwave so far. Sometimes brought back for specials


  • microwave got retired early
  • microwave died
  • microwave undead


  • Microwaves retired early: Unnamed, Diane, Lacey, Samantha, Penny, Melissa, Saint Margaret II, Justine, Penelope, Rapunzel, Felicia, Shelley and Khloé (13)
  • Microwaves died: Sandra, Helga, Vanessa, Tracy, Whoopi, Jasmine, Susan, Beatrice, Jackie, Summer, Cinnamon, Candy, Zelda, Gladys, Erin, Sarah, Margaret, Marissa, Esmeralda, Beth, Gabrielle, Rapunzel, Gina, Emily, Heather, Shelley, Rhianna, Ivanka (28)
  • Microwaves un-retired: Rapunzel and Shelley (2)
  • Undead microwaves: Cindy (1)
  • "Single-experiment" Microwaves: Jasmine, Susan, Summer, Gladys, Erin, Justine, Beth, Felicia, Rhianna, Phyllis (8)

Different Brands

Experiments completed by brand
Sharp Unnamed, Diane, Sandra, Helga, Tracy, Susan, Beatrice, Cinnamon, Gladys, Sarah, Margaret, Justine, Esmeralda, Felicia 119
G.E. Lacey, Vanessa, Jasmine*, Jackie, Summer, Erin, Rapunzel, Gina, Phyllis. 57
Panasonic Whoopi*, Penny, Penelope. 47
GoldStar Melissa, Beth, Gabrielle, Shelley 30
Emerson Saint Margaret II, Emily 20
Samsung Samantha. 11
Kenmore Zelda, Marissa, Khloé 11
Chefmate Candy. 3
Hamilton Beach Heather 3
Magic Chef Ivanka. 3
Sunbeam Cindy. 2
Rival Rhianna. 1

Note: Even though the spray paint experiment is counted as one experiment for both Whoopi and Jasmine in their experiment total, it can only be counted once for the total. Thus, it will be given solely to Jasmine.

Table of Longevity:

Longevity Listing Number of Experiments Microwave Reasoning for placement (if tie)
1 26 Diane N/A
2 25 Lacey N/A
3 19 Jackie N/A
4 18 Penny Most of Penny's experiments caught fire, which made them more dangerous than the experiments from the unnamed microwave.
5 18 Unnamed The unnamed microwave was retired and still working, but her experiments were not as dangerous as the experiments done by Penny. (Technically, Unnamed's two unaired experiments were packing peanuts and a styrofoam block, but they do not count in her total.)
6 18 Sandra Sandra died; the other two microwaves with 18 experiments got retired.
7 17 Saint Margaret II Margaret II could resurrect herself. It is doubtful that anything would ever actually kill her. Penelope eventually would have died.
8 17 Penelope See above.
9 16 Melissa Melissa was retired; Tracy died. Thus, Melissa was stronger. Also, while both the majority of Melissa and Tracy's experiments caught on fire, Melissa microwaved rocket engines, which were far more dangerous than any of Tracy's experiments.
10 16 Tracy See above.
11 15 Helga N/A
12 13 Whoopi N/A
13 11 Samantha N/A
14 10 Gabrielle N/A
15 9 Sarah N/A
16 6 Rapunzel Rapunzel was retired before she was brought back to die. Plus, all of her experiment numbers were jumbled and not in consecutive order like most girls'. Thus, she was alive to see a longer span of experiments than Esmeralda did.
17 6 Esmeralda See above.
18 4 Shelley Shelley was retired, but then came back for the series finale. Like Rapunzel, Shelley was alive to see a longer span of experiments.
19 4 Zelda See above.
20 3 Heather Even though Heather died extremely quickly from the firework mortar, she was kept around in the long interim between season 10 in the JCML 3.5 and part one of the series finale. This means that she lived for many months longer than any of the other three-experiment girls who died did, all of whom perished within the span of a few hours in the lab.
21 3 Marissa Unlike Cinnamon and Candy for Marissa it is known she wasn't 100% dead. She still had power to her and even her microwaving ability. The reason why she was declared dead, was because her light broke, making her unusable.
22 3 Cinnamon Cinnamon died from an experiment that caught fire, unlike Emily or Candy.
23 3 Emily It's understandable that Emily died from the Justin Bieber doll, since Bieber sucks so much that her heart gave out. There was no excuse for Candy's death by Legos.
24 3 Candy See above.
25 2 Cindy Cindy didn't really die. She was undead.
26 2 Margaret The guys didn't know until the end of the episode that Margaret had died. She looked relatively unharmed, and Jory did not express surprise that her last experiment killed her, due to its danger level.
27 2 Vanessa Vanessa lasted until the end of the experiment, but she had an obvious burn mark on her side, and Jory was disappointed that she died, showing that she shouldn't have done so.
28 2 Beatrice Beatrice died in the middle of the experiment. It should be noted, however, that the lipo battery was bound to kill any microwave. Gina died from an experiment that should not have been lethal.
29 2 Gina Gina also died in the middle of the experiment, and the diaper was not a lethal item that should have killed her, unlike Beatrice's lipo battery.
30 1 Felicia Like Justine, Felicia was retired and still worked after her experiment. However, Felicia's experiment caught fire and was much more dangerous than Justine's experiment. Felicia also microwaved for a longer time than Justine.
31 1 Justine See above.
32 1 Susan While other one-time girls who died had experiments that were more dangerous, Susan lasted a whole episode. Plus, Jory thought she was still working at the start of the following episode, so she didn't look destroyed after she died.
33 1 Erin She lasted a whole episode, but she caught fire on the outside, and thus, was more damaged than Susan.
34 1 Gladys She lasted a whole episode, but she was much more damaged than Erin, due to her door melted through.
35 1 Jasmine She only was used for half of an episode, but she lasted an entire experiment.
36 1 Beth/Miss Havisham She lasted about 3 seconds after the microwave was started, and she was in considerably better condition post-air bag explosion than Summer was.
37 1 Summer She only lasted about 2½ seconds after the microwave was started.

Best Performance:

Performance Rank Percentage of Good Ideas Microwave Reasoning for Placement (if tie) Notes on Calculation
1 100.0% Shelley She had more experiments than Cinnamon. N/A
2 100.0% Cinnamon She had more experiments than Margaret. Her 1 "ha bisky idea" was counted as "good."
3 100.0% Margaret She did boring Crocs and very dangerous smoke bombs, which were both harder to get "good idea" verdicts on than Gina's experiments. N/A
4 100.0% Gina She had more experiments than Beth/Miss Havisham. N/A
5 100.0% Beth/Miss Havisham Her experiment got a "great idea" verdict, which is better than a "good idea", despite being one of the most dangerous items ever microwaved on the show. Her 1 "great idea" was counted obviously as "good."
6 100.0% Jasmine When Jasmine microwaved spray paint, it was a first for the show, so the reaction was new. Erin was just a repeat "good idea" verdict. N/A
7 100.0% Erin See above. N/A
8 100.0% Justine Like other convention girls except Felicia, Justine had an easy time garnering a "good idea" verdict, being that she was at a convention of fans. The other 100% girls had a much more difficult time receiving their "good idea" verdicts. N/A
9 75.0% Zelda N/A Her 1 "stupid idea" was counted as "bad."
10 66.7% Heather Heather not only had two consecutive "good ideas," but she went out with a literal bang as part of the series finale. N/A
11 66.7% Candy Candy had two good ideas in a row, and these two good ideas marked the end of the longest good idea streak in the show's history, spanning from Penny's last two experiments through Cinnamon and Candy. N/A
12 66.7% Emily. Emily had two consecutive "good ideas." Marissa didn't have any consecutive "good ideas," and what's worse, her light was dead during one of her experiments. N/A
13 66.7% Marissa See above. N/A
14 60.0% Gabrielle N/A N/A
15 55.6% Sarah N/A Due to an editing error, one of her "bad ideas" was counted as "good".
16 47.4% Jackie N/A Her 1 "push" was counted as "bad."
17 44.4% Sandra Sandra had 5 good ideas in a row, the 2nd most ever, and she did more dangerous items than Unnamed Her 1 "redurple idea" was counted as "bad."
18 44.4% Unnamed See above. N/A
19 44.0% Lacey N/A N/A
20 42.3% Diane N/A Her 2 "stupid ideas" were counted as "bad."
21 41.2% Saint Margaret II N/A Her 1 "goodish idea" was counted as "good" and her 1 "holy idea" was counted as "good". She missed one experiment (234), that one doesn't count.
22 38.5% Whoopi N/A Her 1 "boring idea" was counted as "bad."
23 37.5% Melissa Melissa had more dangerous experiments, making it harder to obtain "good ideas." Her 1 "sh*tty idea" was counted as "bad."
24 37.5% Tracy See above Her 1 "box office bomb" was counted as "bad", her 1 "darn good idea" was counted as "good", and her 1 "yes, it microwaves!" was counted as "good."
25 36.4% Samantha N/A Her 1 "awesome f*cking idea" was counted as "good", her 1 "star-spangled bad idea" was counted as "bad", her 1 "damn fine idea" was counted as "good", her 1 "awesome idea" was counted as "good", and her 1 "boring idea" was counted as "bad."
26 33.3% Esmeralda N/A She is the first microwave to have one third of her experiments to be good ideas. Jon predicted the series had 33.3% good ideas.
27 29.0% Penelope N/A Her 1 "really bad idea" was counted as "bad", her 1 "ironic idea" was counted as "bad" and her 1 "boring idea" was counted as "bad".
28 22.2% Penny N/A Her 1 "sh*tty idea" was counted as "bad", and her 1 "flush idea" was counted as "bad."
29 16.7% Rapunzel N/A She was retired, un-retired and killed, the first microwave to have been un-retired. This deed was repeated by Shelley.
30 13.3% Helga N/A N/A
31 0.0% Felicia Felicia's verdict of "sketchy" was written in red, connoting that it was a type of bad idea. However, lots of audience members at Playlist Live made it known through applause that they thought Felicia had a good idea. So, while Felicia's ultimate performance must count as zero "good ideas," somebody at least thought she did a good job. Also, Felicia retired in good working condition. Her 1 "sketchy" counted as "bad."
32 0.0% Gladys Gladys's experiment totally destroyed her and was more dangerous than Susan's, giving more probability of a "bad idea" verdict. N/A
33 0.0% Susan Susan's sole experiment, the X-Box 360, caught fire for a long time. In addition, when the controller was on fire, the flames were literally touching the top of the microwave. This is undoubtedly what killed her. N/A
34 0.0% Summer Summer had a "really bad idea" which is much worse than just a "bad idea". Also: she only lasted 2 seconds before she died, the shortest microwave life ever! Her 1 "really bad idea" was counted as "bad."
35 0.0% Beatrice Both of Beatrice's two experiments, the Hannah Montana pen and the lipo battery, both could have had deadly results. Jory almost lost his hand to the pen, and who knows what the lithium dust will do? So, is it any wonder that she didn't get any good ideas? However, she lasted more experiments than Summer and Susan, so she had more chances to get a good idea. Her 1 "deadly idea" was counted as "bad."
36 0.0% Cindy Cindy didn't have any dangerous ideas, so she could have easily gotten a good idea. However, she didn't actually die, so her performance was better than Vanessa's. N/A
37 0.0% Vanessa Vanessa's early death had no excuse. Not only did she die from something that she clearly shouldn't have, the little amount of time that she was here, she didn't get any good ideas. What good is she?! Her 1 "unpatriotic idea" was counted as "bad."


  1. Says Emerson in Captions on the video, says Sharp Carousel on microwave.