Moneymaster93 was an internet troll who tried to attack the microwave show. He posted a response video to an episode where he called the users dumb, told them to get a life, and remarked how he disliked having to "see your shit."

Jon and Jory responded by making a video where they pointed out Moneymaster93's various shortcommings, including how he picked his ear, his odd statement about poop, and the fact that he was wearing a snuggie. With that video, Jon had unleashed the full might of the Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This? fanbase. Soon, Moneymaster93's comment page was flooded with posts like "look its the douchbag with a fucking snuggie."

Eventually, Moneymaster93 was banned.


Recently, a friend of the banned troll came to youtube. In addition to revealing more information about the original, he re-uploaded the rant video and started to mock various people who attacked the original moneymaster. However, this user is banned as well.