This spot is going to be reserved for pictures taken as evidence/"proof" of certain characteristics of the microwaves that have been noticed but never said on the show. Sadly, there is no solid pictorial evidence to show that Cinnamon, not Gladys, was the twin that Jon donated. We just have to go off of Jory's comment in the donation video about Jon's donated microwave being dirty, as well as how Gladys's interior was spotless when she was used.. First, here is evidence of Melissa's "presh vegetable" typo: Next, here is evidence that the replacement plate Melissa received was Candy's old plate. Here is a picture of Jory holding up the replacement plate: Now, here is a picture of Candy's plate at the end of the Tickle-Me-Elmo experiment, the last experiment she used her plate. Notice the burn mark/stain that is identical in both pictures: Now comes evidence that Cinnamon and Gladys are twins, due to the fact that they are the exact same model of Sharp carousel microwave. Notice the identical clock design and panel options. First, here is a close-up of Cinnamon's panel: Now, here's Gladys's panel: