Season 1 consists of the first 18 episodes of the series. This is the very genesis of the series, spawning from a video entitled Jonny's Leftover Emporium. At the end of the 2006-07 school year at Massachusetts' Emerson College, Jonathan Paula and Jory Caron found that many outgoing students had left behind personal items, such as lamps, posters, computer keyboards and most importantly, microwaves. When not all of their inventory could be sold off, Jory and Jon took to a novel idea: Use the microwaves to test theories and otherwise dispose of the remainder of their unwanted stock. And so, a hit YouTube series was born.



Microwaves usedEdit


The first microwave laboratory was set up in an unused dorm room at Emerson College, featuring the following security features:

  • Tin foil shield
  • "proper ventilation system", consisting of two fans
  • Remote guiding arm, used only in this season to avoid the necessity of Jory needing to be close to the microwave to turn it on.

In the very beginning, Jory and Jon were a lot more cautious about their experiments, given both their inexperience and the fact that they were using a school dorm to conduct their arguably dangerous antics. As such, whenever Jory and Jon noticed even a little bit of smoke, they would let the room vent for an entire day. Truly, safety was their number one concern.