Season 2 consists of 26 experiments, which take place in the Jory Caron Microwave Laboratory 2, and since Jonathan Paula and Jory Caron have left Emerson College, the experiments now take place at Jon's house, usually at night. It also stared the naming of the Microwaves. Jory also no longer used the stick to turn on the Microwave, he only used it in the first episode of the season and to restart it during the charcoal experiment.



Microwaves usedEdit


The lab was relocated to the backyard of Jonathan's residence, surprisingly with his parent's approval. They still retained the giant tin foil shield, in which case, Jonathan had the door to the porch be encased in tin foil, rather than rebuilding another barrier from the ground up. The door had 2 layers of glass. The remote arm was phased out and a remote switch was installed outside the lab to manually cut off the power to the microwave from the safety of the gate. To cover the entire lab, tarps were employed as "makeshift walls". As a form of putting out fires too big for the gloves to handle, an old 60-year-old fire extinguisher was on stand-by. A few microphones and additional cameras have been strategically placed to cater to different sound/video angles. A small single fan was installed in the lab. The crew were always armed with masks and gloves.